High damage or fast attack speed in fighting games?


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Mar 23, 2019
If you had to choose between high damage and fast attack speed in a fighting game which one would you go for? I think that I would choose the high damage because it will make up for the slower attack speed and if you manage to crit the enemy it will do even more damage. I have played with both in one game which I don't remember as it was a long time ago and more DPS seems a better option for me. ;)
I would probably go for the high damage as well. A much better chance of finishing off your opponent quickly rather than doing fast attacks with less damage.
I can't decide unless I have context. In case of scrolling shooter, fast speed matters and in some games where you have to put on the damage more. So in that context you have to go for the high damage type of the attack. It all depends on how we manage those type of context though. Fast speed definitely matters.
I always go for a tank, even if you can attack more, if that attack does not equal more than one who does more damage then you are screwed.
I'd probably go for attack speed.

Soul Blade being my case in point, you'd pretty much have to perfectly time a good combo against an opponent with Siegfried or Rock to inflict the same damage that any of the other characters could achieve by constantly moving around and stringing attacks together.
Tank approach is lot better for some of the games. I have seen that to be working in case of some games. Though we have to be pretty careful about this. I know I have been struggling on that every now and then in some games.

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