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Heister - Gameplay Teaser


Hello, guys, I would like to know your thoughts about the game we created. Please let us know what do you think, every comment is very appreciated.

Heister is the first game developed by the Raigon team. A carefully designed top-down, stealth game that uncovers its story through levels - unravelling a much deeper plot than is initially perceived by the player.

The main mechanic is ricochet which allows you to take out numerous enemies at once tactically.

Watch the first gameplay teaser:

Thank you very much.
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is the game going to be available as android or PC game? or console game? Looking forward to the release page on the site.
Hi Nova,

Right now the game will be available only for PC, most likely on Steam.

I am glad that you like the game so far if you have more questions about the game I will be happy to answer them.

Stay tuned soon we are going to release the cinematic.

Good bay and stay healthy.

-Željko Vranić
Raigon Team


That is unfortunate, If the game ever comes up for android. I'll surely be reviewing it and sharing with others.
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