Have you ever had the same game over several platforms?

I think games like league of legends seems to be opening up for different platforms too. I think that would definitely adds up a lot of value in the gaming and people who stream it can make money too.
Anyone remembers the Pocket Tanks on PS? I have managed to get the game into the mobile. And now the game works on the mobile and it seems like a good port.

The only game that I have played on mobile that has also been available on Playstation was Fortnite. The screen was way too small for me to be able to play Fortnite properly though and I ended up giving in. Some games depending on what they are work amazingly on mobile as well as console but other games such as Fortnite like I just mentioned above, for me at least I just can't seem to play on such a small screen and would rather play on a bigger screen through say the Playstation.
I think mobile and VR games being future. It is definitely fun to see those ported games. And I hope that more and more such games get released in the market.

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