Have you ever had the same game over several platforms?

I often play games on my mobile since I am always on the go. The fact is games are better enjoyed when played on consoles but you can easily get that done when at homes and not when you are out for work and others.
I don't like playing any games on my phone.

My motivation for this is quite simple: although there are several reasons, what irritates me most is the lack of immersiveness in the game because of the various limitations.
I think old games require emulators. But most of the modern games have the port to work it on android. And then we can pretty much play it easily. You may notice that some of the time playing those PS games also easy as they are being distributed free of cost on some of the sites. So it is kind of fun.
When it comes to playing platform games, I prefer to play them on the platform themselves. It is easier and just feels more right.
If you are referring to old PS games which can be played through emulator then yes. New games which are made for both PC and PS are worth playing too. But it can be pretty fun to play those old PS games though because we all have different acquired taste into new and old. And it gets pretty interesting to play those old PS games.
I really like gaming on consoles (had an Xbox one, now i have Playstation 4 ), cuz i don't have all the resources necessary on the PC :D
Those days when playing games was one of my main hobbies I play using the consoles or on computers. I didn't enjoy playing games on mobile. The fact now is I don't play as much as I use to do years back and again I can now do that on mobiles
Yes. Since I can't really buy a real PlayStation, cause I don't really need it. I just like to experience the game, remember how the past feels because my cousins and neighbors used to play this with us. It makes me happy and lonely at the same time.
As long as it's a fun game. I don't mind playing them on any platform. Well, it could be hard on the phone because of the size and of course, because of the battery. You don't want to ruin your phone's battery by playing while charging. But, who cares, people need something that an get them out of boredom.
It was a good idea from the developers to make some game on phone from consoles. They are great on some points, mobile phone games could be played anywhere you want with your own convenience not like consoles. You could bring your phone anywhere and play it whenever you want the of course there is a lot of differences when it comes to gaming experience.
We've all got one game that we're really attached too I'm sure - for me that's GTA SA. It was just my 'childhood' game. Have you ever had a single game that you've played across different platforms again and again? For me, GTA SA has followed me from Xbox 360 to my PS3 and back to me on the XBOX One and of course, for the modding fun - onto my computer. It's just my game and I've loved playing it all these years!

What's your game?
Definitely Halo here. From Halo CE to Halo 2, Halo ODST, Halo 3, Halo: Reach, Halo 4 and now Halo 5 I have played ever single one except ODST starting from the original xbox leading to the 360 and now the Xbox One. Also I'm in the same boat with GTA as well. Was a huge fan of San Adreas and played it on all kinds of systems back then. Yes some great games.
The only game (that I can remember) I’ve had over several platforms is GTA 5. I got it on PS4 first, and then when I built my PC, I got it on there for the mods.
Yes. Minecraft is one of many I have downloaded to various platforms. I firstly purchased a copy of the game to my Console and then to my PC to install game modifications easily.
I have no shame in admitting I am willing to buy Zelda games on different platforms. My 3DS is a shrine for a lot of games they either port or remade for it, including the ambassador apology version of Four Swords.

I actually have a bad confession to make when it comes to Final Fantasy IX. I originally had an accident with my third PS1 disk for it and since then I have been compulsively buying that game over and over. I didn't even realize how bad I was with it until I was saying how I wanted to get it for the switch and a friend suggested me cheaper alternatives (steam, PS3 / PS4) and I realized I had a copy in them. I really felt horrible. I don't even have a recollection of buying them, it is bad. Now that I know this I thought my anxiety to get the switch version one would subside but the idea of having it on the go is tempting. I am actually struggling not to consider it above other new games right now. At least now that I know this has been going on I can keep my rational side on this matter. Paying full price is not worth it if I already own it in platforms I can play with right now.
I rarely do this myself, though I have ended up buying shovel knight for 3DS and then PS4 as I want it on my tv. I've also been buying remasters like Spyro, Sly cooper and other great sony classics.
Like others, the only game that this has happened to me with has been Grand Theft Auto V and that was because they released a slightly better version when the PS4 came out. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't get the same game again
I have few games both on PC and the mobile. I am sure that with the stadia we are going to be seeing more and more such games. Though such games would be lot harder to port in it's current state.
Just heartstone, other than that NBA was following me from ps4 to pc, back and forth. But other than that none. I was thinking you are referring to 2d to 3d or from one genre to another lol.

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