10 Video Game Cliffhangers With Answers You Didn't Know About


A video game should not only be enjoyable, but also leave us wanting more. When a game finishes with a mind-boggling surprise or a shocking death, you feel unprepared for the experience to end.

The Greatest method to keep us interested, though, is for the game in question to conclude on a cliffhanger. If a game concludes with a shocking conclusion, we are more inclined to watch the sequel to find out what happens.

But, we do not always discover the answers we seek. If the intended sequel or the whole series is cancelled, unsolved story strands will remain unresolved forever. When you realise you will never see the conclusion to a story in which you have spent a great deal of time and energy, you want to sob uncontrollably.

Yet, this is not always the case.

Occasionally, loose ends were wrapped up, but we were just unaware. If a franchise is cancelled in the middle of a plot, we may still find out what was going to happen by questioning the creators or perusing a variety of documents that provide clarification.

We may not have received the answers we desired, but we DO know how these tales would have unfolded.

1. James Bond 007: Blood Stone​

As disappointing as it was to see Daniel Craig's career as James Bond end, the same cannot be said about his video game adaptations. The remake of GoldenEye was nothing near as good as the original, and 007 Legends may be the worst game ever based on Ian Fleming's character.

Despite this, James Bond 007: Blood Stone was rather good. It done the series justice with its amazing music, well-developed characters, and inventive aesthetics.

Like with each other Bond adaptation, Blood Stone has a number of story twists. In the third act, the renowned British spy learns that his companion is a double agent. When confronted by Bond, she explains that she works for a mystery leader of a worldwide terrorist organisation.

Before Nicole can reveal the identify of her employer, a drone kills her.

This plot would have continued in the sequel 007: Risico, but it was cancelled after Blood Stone failed to meet sales expectations. In Risico, it would have been revealed that Nicole's hidden sponsor was Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the leader of SPECTRE and James Bond's archenemy.

But, the majority of gamers had already guessed before this was announced, since... well, who else could it be? Oddjob?

2. Shadow Of The Colossus​

Dormin assures Wander, the protagonist of Shadow of the Colossus, that he may restore his sweetheart, Mono, if he eliminates sixteen Colossi. Once Wander completes his mission, Dormin reveals his real nature by possessing our hero's body. Wander faces the same fate as Dormin, despite the fact that he is shut away, just as Mono wakes. The credits roll, indicating that the narrative has concluded.

In the last seconds, though, Mono finds a newborn in the precise location where Wander vanished. More worse, this infant possesses horns, similar to the protagonist of the makers' earlier game, Ico.

Although though Shadow of the Colossus is wrapped in mysteries, many of which have been debated for decades, its confusing conclusion has created the greatest debate. As this renowned game has never had a sequel, many players are still attempting to comprehend what this event signifies.

Yet, it has a straightforward explanation, which is why it is so low on our list. According to the film's director, Fumito Ueda, this infant and Ico are identical, hence Shadow of the Colossus is a precursor. Ueda said that if players disagree with this concept, they are free to interpret the game's conclusion in their own manner.

3. Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time​

In Sly Cooper's fourth adventure, the mischievous racoon must join forces with his forefathers to prevent Le Paradox from seizing control of reality. The confrontation occurs inside a temporal tear, with Sly emerging triumphant.

Unfortunately, Sly disappears after the combat, leaving his pals to wonder what transpired. After extensive searching, his companions are unable to locate their furry companion. But, if you acquire all of the game's trophies, you may unlock a hidden ending that reveals Sly has been transported to Ancient Egypt.

Anybody would suppose Thieves In Time was foreshadowing a fifth installment with this conclusion. As we haven't seen Sly for a decade, he has virtually gone off the face of the Planet.

If Sanzaru Games had meant to continue this tale, it would have been via an expansion pack rather than a straight sequel. Matt Kramer, the game's director, said in a 2019 interview that the DLC will require Sly's team to fly to Ancient Egypt to reclaim their partner:
That was always the intention, then we never got to finish that out. The team at Sanzaru, we have the story, the whole episode done on paper form, but we would love to come back to that world. I hate leaving him there. It’s the question we get the most.

Sanzaru Games anticipated a revival of interest in Sly Cooper after the release of the film and television series adaptations. But, since these projects were cancelled, Sly Cooper has not generated enough interest to warrant a follow-up.

4. Ecco: The Tides Of Time​

In Ecco: The Tides of Time, the titular dolphin learns that the Vortex aliens have returned and are planning to wreak havoc on the timestream. Utilizing The Asterite's strength once again, our bottlenose hero confronts the malicious Vortex Queen.

Before the credits play, your cetacean companions congratulate you for purportedly destroying her. Yet instead of a happy ending, this sequel finishes on a negative note. The Asterite instructs Ecco in the epilogue to destroy The Time Machine so that the Vortex never again distorts the spacetime continuum.

Instead of following orders, Ecco utilises The Time Machine to go to an unknown age. While this conclusion looked to set up a sequel, it never materialised.

Fortunately, we know what was intended to occur. According to Ed Annunziata, the author:
Ecco 3 was going to be about the Atlanteans war with the Vortex. At the end of Tides of Time, Ecco goes back to help.

The most irritating aspect of Ecco 3's cancellation is that it leads the player to misinterpret Ecco's actions. Ecco seems to have been punished for disobedience since he did not destroy The Time Machine. In truth, our aquatic saviour was doing what he usually does, which is preserving the timestream since he is so amazing.

5. Loom​

Bobbin, a teenage Weaver, must defend the world from Chaos, a creature that aims to remake the universe with a mystical Loom, in Loom. Thankfully, Bobbin destroys the Loom in the last confrontation.

The other half of the planet, however, is dominated by the Weavers, since Chaos had already begun using the enchanted instrument. At the conclusion, Bobbin's companions convince him that they will eventually vanquish Chaos.

The lead designer, Brian Moriarty, had a LOT of ideas for the intended sequels, Forge and The Fold, despite the fact that Loom had a solitary title. Rusty Nailbender, the protagonist of Forge, is motivated to start a crusade to conquer Chaos after the demonic beast captured his people. The scrapped sequel would have finished with an epic conflict that almost led to the destruction of the planet.

The conclusion focused on Fleece Firmflanks rallying the Guilds against Chaos. As it looks like Chaos has the upper hand on Fleece, Bobbin and the Weavers rush in to aid crush their foe for good. Once the Loom is rebuilt, peace is finally restored between the Guilds.

Although though much consideration was given to future sequels, Moriarty stated:
This was all just talk. I was busy with other projects, and nobody else felt strongly enough about the games to make a commitment. So Forge and The Fold never got made.

6. Assassin's Creed III​

The protagonist of the first Assassin's Creed is Desmond Miles, a descendant of multiple Assassin Brotherhood members. After The Templar discover Desmond's ancestry, they force him into the Animus, a device that accesses the genetic memories of the host's forebears in order to uncover the Brotherhood's secrets.

Since Assassin's Creed was intended to be a trilogy, Desmond was appropriately sacrificed at the finale of the third installment. When Ubisoft saw how profitable the series had become, they could not stop producing sequels and spin-offs.

Fans still questioned whether Desmond might return, despite the fact that he is essentially dead. As the most recent installments have explored resurrection technology, many hoped that the creators will find a way to involve Desmond once again.

After eight years and seven sequels, fans finally got their desire.

Desmond is shown to dwell in a digital afterlife in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, where he is known as The Reader. With his new form, he is able to read the "strands of time," enabling him to discover a reality that best serves humanity.

Despite the fact that this story detail is explicitly stated, many players missed it because, well, Valhalla's trophy and achievement completion rates are VERY low.

As Desmond Miles has been away for about a decade, it would have been simple to exclude him from all contemporary games. As a result, devoted followers liked how the creators found a means to bring him back.

7. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II​

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II finishes with Starkiller prepared to execute his master, Darth Vader. The player is then presented with the option to adopt either the Light Side or the Dark Side. If you act on your homicidal inclinations, a covert Starkiller clone will kill you.

The Sith Lord will be captured and imprisoned aboard Starkiller's ship if you choose the Good Side. Nevertheless, the last scene depicts Boba Fett's Slave-1 coming down on Starkiller's ship, suggesting that Vader is about to be released.

While the Dark Side cliffhanger was addressed in the Endor DLC, the Light Side conclusion was never revealed since the sequel was scrapped.

Given that TFU II was a significant letdown, one could assume that gamers were not eager to see the outcome of this cliffhanger. Plans for the sequel, though, would fascinate any Star Wars enthusiast.

According to primary writer Haden Blackman, Vader would have escaped his prison in The Force Unleashed III (obviously). When Vader discovers that the Emperor is seeking a new Apprentice, he unwillingly joins up with Starkiller to eliminate his successor.

In the context of Star Wars, this notion is so original and captivating that it seems like it might have saved the series. As this sequel is frozen in carbonite perpetually, we will never see it.

8. Mega Man Legends 3​

Mega Man Legends never became as popular as the main series, but there is little doubt that this spin-off has passionate fans. Legends, unlike the old 2D platformer series, is a 3D action-adventure game with a greater emphasis on character interactions and plot. Hence, players felt a personal connection with the cast.

Hence, when Mega Man Legends 2 closed with the protagonist stranded on the moon, many hoped he would find a way to return home. With no sequel in sight, it seems that the Blue Bomber will remain at the top eternally.

Despite the fact that unsolved cliffhangers are usually frustrating, people took this one Quite personally. In fact, they founded the Mega Man Legends Facebook page Get Me Off The Moon in an effort to convince Capcom to approve a new installment.

Even though Legends 3 was never released, we know what it would have contained. Mega's companions would have saved him after joining forces with two playable characters, Aero and Barrett, in the unreleased prototype. Due to the fact that 10 missions were planned for Barret, this new team would have played a significant role in the sequel.

Although while it's nice to know that Mega Man found his way home, it's a shame we never saw this.

9. Dead Space 3​

Due to the popularity of the original Dead Space, it seemed difficult for the remake to match expectations. Contrary to expectations, Dead Space 2023 managed to transcend its predecessor in several ways. Fans should be ecstatic with the current rise in popularity of the survival horror series.

Yet, many gamers continue to hold the series accountable for Dead Space 3's disappointing conclusion. In addition to falling short of expectations, this installment concluded on a dismal note.

But it gets worse. With the Awakened Expansion, Dead Space 3 has the opportunity to tie things up neatly.

Isaac Clarke and John Carver return to Earth in the last scene, only to discover that it is encircled by Brethren Moons. The image turns to darkness as a Moon is poised to crash with the Terra Nova spacecraft. (It is correct. They did a Tony Soprano.)

Even though Visceral Software had every intention of continuing the series, the company's demise has placed Dead Space 4 on hold.

The crucial issue is whether or not Isaac and John survived.

Creative director Ben Wanat affirms the affirmative. Instead, Ellie Langford would have been the protagonist for the first time in Dead Space 4, rather than Isaac. With gameplay reminiscent of Dead Space 3's most open-ended middle segment, Ellie would forage for supplies, search for survivors, and collect sufficient resources to eradicate the Necromorphs entirely.

However, Wanat and his team are keeping all other elements under wraps, just in case Dead Space 4 receives approval. Considering the remake's popularity, this is now a distinct possibility.

10. Resident Evil: Code - Veronica​

Resident Evil: Code - Veronica begins with Claire Redfield's capture by Umbrella after her attack on their facility. Claire hooks up with Steve Burnside, another prisoner, after escaping. Despite Steve's initial mistrust of Claire, they become as close as thieves throughout their journey.

Claire is forced to murder Steve when Albert Wesker uses the T-Veronica virus to convert him into a mindless monster. Prior to taking his last breath, Steve declares his love for Claire.

Steve's tale seems to have concluded in the original Dreamcast edition. In the PS2 release, however, the conclusion is expanded to show Wesker snatching Steve's body. He then tells Chris Redfield that he may perhaps resuscitate Steve by taking a sample of the virus from Steve's body.

Twenty years later, there is still no information on what happened to Steve Burnside.

Nevertheless, this question was resolved. Due to the fact that it was only referenced in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, most RE fans missed it. In this rail shooter, it is revealed that Wesker abducted Steve's corpse in order to sell samples to a rich drug lord.

On his pledge to resuscitate Steve, Well, Wesker was indeed lying. Fans may not have received the answer they desired, but at least we can shut the book on Steve Burnside.
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