Gears Tactics, Game Pass show Microsoft is serious about PC gaming


Nov 16, 2018
“You know, if we’re being honest, there’s been some fits and starts from the Microsoft perspective for PC gaming over the long history of the company,” says Ben Decker, general manager of Xbox marketing. “But PC gaming is really where gaming at Microsoft started. And I think there’s a deep commitment at the company to get it right and to deliver something of real value to the PC gaming community.”
“When we talk about ‘PC-first,’ I think we’re really just talking about the focus that we wanted to bring to the product and making sure that we are giving the PC gamer everything that they expect,” says Mike Crump, director of operations at The Coalition, Microsoft’s in-house studio that oversees the
Gears franchise. “PC gamers are a pretty demanding group, generally. And we wanted to make sure that we had the appropriate level of focus to give them everything they expect — everything from building the game to scale where it can run well across laptops and machines without discrete graphics cards all the way up to, you know, for gamers that have invested in a very high-end gaming rig, delivering something that would be exceptional for them.”

Even in a vacuum, though, Xbox Game Pass for PC is already an appealing service that’s worth checking out.Gears Tactics is a significant signal of intent that’s likely to draw more attention to Game Pass and how Microsoft will follow through with further releases. “It’s not an experiment,” Decker says. “It’s really a commitment by Microsoft to get it right and bring something unique to the gaming space.”