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Final Fantasy XV Online Content Termination


WHAT: Notice of Termination of Online Content for FINAL FANTASY XV
WHEN: June 23, 2020 (UTC)
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On April Fools, Square Enix doesn't appear to be in a playful mood. Today, they announced

an upcoming end-of-life update for Final Fantasy XV, PC and Console versions.

In summary:

  • Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades online functionality for Steam and Origin will end on June 23 (UTC). See Update 1.
  • [ FFXV Information ] will be removed from all menus on XB1, PS4, and all PC versions on June 23 (UTC).
  • The Avatar System components will be removed on June 23 (UTC).
  • The Mod Organizer's online functionality will be removed and an offline version will be released at a later date.
Detailed Information
Functions of FINAL FANTASY XV and FINAL FANTASY XV Windows Edition will be partially terminated from Wednesday, June 24, 2020 (JST).

To be removed for Console versions:

To be removed for PC versions:

  • [ FFXV Information ] from the [ Title Menu ].
  • [ FFXV Information ] equivalents from other menus.
  • Avatara System to replace Noctis' appearance.
  • Avatara System phantoms.
  • Avatar System Official treasure.
  • Avatara System User Treasure.
  • Avarar System User Photos.
  • For Steam and Origin versions only (see Update 1):
    • Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades online functionality. Offline functionality is still available.
    • Comrades online matching between Steam and Origin version servers.
To be removed for the Mod Organizer:

  • Online build functionality, however offline build functionality will be provided via an update. The date for this update is unknown.
To be removed for the Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Benchmark:

  • System score submission of system performance via the "View online" function.
  • Ranking comparison of system results will no longer be available online.
We will update you glaives if we receive more information.

  • Update 1 - A well-trusted community member from Japan

    has contacted Square Enix Support for clarification on the language used in the press release. According to the user, Square Enix Support said Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades online matchmaking will still be available for the Steam version; only Origin's will be taken offline. Furthermore, Steam's Mod Organizer will still be able to upload mods to the Steam Workshop. While Square Enix Support is not the most accurate source of information, we have updated the content in the post until we hear from a more official source.

  • Update 2 - Either Official Treasures have ended or there's a glitch in the system. There is no Official Treasure for the Avatara System this week, and the date of "The reward table has been updated" news has been set before Unix's epoch date, December 31, 1969

    . User Photos and User Treasures may not be working, as well.

  • Update 3 - The Official Treasures, User Treasures, and User Photos have been fixed.


I think it is kind of expected considering now during the lockdown it is proven that if people spend more on miicrotransaction. They will make more money. So that could be one reason.

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