Do you play any freemium games?


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Mar 23, 2019
Freemium is the type of game that is free to download and to play but offer micro-transactions, loot boxes and other things which you can buy with real money to use in-game. So, what is your opinion on that? Do you play any freemium video games and do you purchase anything?

Basically, I'm OK with that practice as long as you can only purchase cosmetic items and not ones that will actually give you a huge boost towards other players which aren't willing to spend money on the game.
Yeah I play a lot of 'free' games to be fair, although it seems like even games you drop $$$ on nowadays comes fitted with some joyful cosmetic options just to grab even more of your money. I'll always be fine with cosmetics, although I'll never understand dropping money to get some prettier pixels but hey, you do you. I think Runescape would be the only game I've ever actually bought stuff from in addition to my membership, I was buying bonds in order to boost up my cash pile so in that sense I have been a hypocrite and got myself some gains for my money but that was years ago so it don't count. :p
I think having completely free game and only making the money through diamonds and the elixir in games can be good for gamers but bad for developers though. But then again not all people can afford the premium games. So the work around is through the freemium games.
I don't know if Fortnite counts as a freemium game but I like the model that they have. A free game but with transactions for cosmetics and nothing that helps you in the actual game.
I think fortnite is microtransaction games so not exactly freemium but more of pay-to-play type. Same goes for similar other microtransaction based battle royale games.

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