Video Game Do you care who releases a game?


With so many studios all over the place having differing reputations for certain games, do you even care where your games come from nowadays as long as they get finished as intended? With EA for example, I'm sure we've all in some form seen the backlash they had and the bad reputation they seem to carry with them. Would that sort of thing put you off buying a game from EA, or indeed any other company?

For me, I've got no qualms over who made the actual game as long as I think I'll enjoy the game. It's just a game afterall for me. I'm not interested in studio politics.


I try to avoid those who are more into SJW stuff like blizzard and EA games. I avoid those brands who have some sort of agenda. I don't like to have such games around who have some brainwashing agenda going on. Rest I don't usually care about brands.


I don't look for companies to avoid necessarily because they all usually do a good job (except for treyarch, for some reason I can't stand them). But for the most part I look for companies that I would want to buy a game from such as DICE for battlefield V which is a fantastic game in my opinion or any type of Activision game that isn't ran by Treyarch is usually good on multiplayer. Bungie is a good company to buy games from as they used to own the Halo franchise and have now moved to Destiny. Other good companies are 343 industries who now owns Halo. Anyway it usually gives me a reason to buy their games.