Cloudpunk - Review Thread


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Dec 12, 2018


Your name is Rania. This is your first night working for Cloudpunk, the semi-legal delivery company based in the sprawling city of Nivalis. You go everywhere, from the Marrow below to the spires that pierce the grey clouds high above before scraping the edge of the troposphere. No delivery job is too dangerous, and no one is faster than a Cloudpunk driver.

In this story-based exploration game, you will meet a diverse range of characters including androids, AI and unscrupulous humans at every level of society. Everyone has a story, and in the course of one night in Nivalis, everything will change.



  • PC (Out Now)
  • PlayStation 4 (Coming Soon)
  • Xbox One (Coming Soon)
  • Nintendo Switch (Coming Soon)


PC Gamer - 80
The story has some issues, but this vast, beautiful city is a joy to take flight in.
PC Invasion - 80
Cloudpunk absolutely nails the cyberpunk aesthetic, but it backs up style with substance. A thoughtful and sensitive story, interesting characters, and some challenging environmental puzzles all make its attractive setting really fun to play around in, even if there are limitations.
GameWatcher - 65
An amazing looking game with an interesting premise, let down by shallow gameplay and stuttered flow of story and dialogue.
The Indie Game Website - 80
Cloudpunk even does more than expected in its decision-making gameplay; though you’re presented with binary decisions, it’s rarely a good vs evil dilemma, with plenty of variables at play to make either option valid. It really needs to be experienced by anyone interested in cyberpunk narratives, story-driven gameplay or leisurely driving games. Even for those not interested in its themes, provided you’re open to the relaxed gameplay style, Cloudpunk will surprise you with how full of life its world is.
JeuxActu - 85
Cloudpunk is simply the best way to wait for Cyberpunk 2077 with its gorgeous city, its intoxicating atmosphere and a very well-written adventure. A must play this spring.


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