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Clickbait gaming rumors over the internet


I have found some articles and youtube thumbnail that they have a title where they are talking about a rumour without making it clear from the beginning that is what this is. It used to be the case sites used to mark clearly before you started reading, but nowadays I see so many rumours being propagated as facts that it is becoming a bit concerning. I understand views and clicks are important, but I find this misleading practice in pretty poor taste. I guess they are just taking advantage of people being lazy to even open the article and hope they will share it before being done with it.

I think it is becoming harder to find a good outlet for gaming news without them taking way too seriously a leak and acting like if it comes from certain source then it is almost as if it is already a fact.

What's your stance on this? Do you guys mind this at all or find it okay?


Some companies don't allow leaks to be leaked before a certain time period. That's perfectly fine as it's their game and they should have that right. Any gaming news article writer deserves to be held libel if they leak a source before the amount of time has past where it's allowed by the game company. Of course they aren't really breaking the law I don't suppose but either way a game company has the right to give a time period before certain leaks cannot be let out


I think clickbaits are designed for such type of the purpose. They misguide people. And they keep the view that they can get on the content. Some of the time such content creators are praised by the public. So our opinion does not count when we ask them to avoid clickbait. So the industry has that issue there.
This is why I say compnies shouldn't tease stuff. They should just throw everything out there, just to keep rumors or false information from gaining ground. Nothing worse than a rumor becoming true only to be shot down.
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