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Dec 30, 2020
Hello there,

first post on here, feedback greatly appreciated.

Path of Exile: Heist League is nearing its end, and GrindingGearGames is not shy on teasers for the upcomming 3.13 League.

While they delayed the launch of 3.13 because of the release of Cyberpunk2077 for a month, GGG's CommunityTeam is working hard to build up hype for the upcomming update which promises a new endgame in addition to the "Conquerors of the Atlas".

With several teasers released now, and the official announcement only a week away, I would like to give you a quick overview of what is known, and what's up in the air. (Spoilers ahead, I will try to mark major story/lore spoilers)

The first teaser we got is titled "Good Tidings, Nomad." and was released on the 15th of December on the official forum. It contains the following image:


Now, before going deeper into theories about the mentioned new antagonist, a Redditor (whose post i couldnt find anymore) found something curious when increasing the images contrast:


It seems reasonable that this is another hint towards the next leagues boss, and also visiualizing the last line of the teaser: "She seeks to witness your struggle".

But there is more to the image: In the background, you can see a huge map device shrouded in clouds that resemble the universe. The map device also bares some unfamiliar runes on its outer rings.

Theories regarding this teaser:
Many players are speculating that the mentioned "Messenger" is a Harbinger introduced in the Harbinger League, released almost 3 years ago. Not much is known about them lorewise, but we do know that they are comming from far away, using the Harbinger portals to manifest in the known world. It is assumed that they have served the Elder before he was killed/sealed by the Elderslayers in "Conquerors of the Atlas". This also fits the second paragraph in the teaser "Those great and unreachable have heard the silence echoing from that which once hunted here". With the Elder gone, something new is comming to fill the void.

The 1 Million dollar question is, of course, Who is She ?
This is a tricky one, and we do not have many things to go by, except that she/it is something unknown to the Exile, which sadly throws out Navali, who was introduced in Prophecy League and would fit the very vague theme we are presented with.

Reddit has its eyes on Kalandra, a mysterious character known for her signature item, the Mirror of Kalandra, the currency with the highest value in the game, which duplicates any non corrupted item. It is said that every unique-quality item found in the game is a duplicate made by Kalandras original mirror, which is also Path of Exiles Icon.
Kalandra would fit the Theme, but is not exactly new and was never explored in any POE league (as far as i know).

There are also some speculations around Karui Gods (the people living in Wraeclast) and new "Gods of the Elder", but we dont have much information on either.

The next "Teaser" was actually the annual Core-Supporter-Pack, released on the 17th of December.
Last years pack was themed around the Conquerors, who were the latest big endgame update, released about a year ago.
This time, we get league themed supporter packs, and an Atlas Supporter pack in the tier where we previously had Sirus the Awakener of Worlds, the current Endgame boss.


The pack is themed around a hooded figure, which seems very similar to the figure shown in the Path of Exile 2 Reveal Trailer. Does this mean we will get POE 2 in 2021? Highly unlikely, but one can have hope.
Well, at the very least it is a clear indication that the upcomming endgame update will be focussed around the Atlas.

Two days later, on the 19th of December, we got a Teaser video which was released on the forum with the Title "She is near, and eager to wittness your struggle", and is focussing much more on gameplay:

This one seems to show the map device from the first teaser image now much more clearly. Besides it being an obvious sub-area, noticable by the portal below the player, there are these bubbles around its edge, containing what seems to be map-bosses in a style similar to Harbingers.
The video doesn't offer much more lore speculation, but in regards to gameplay there seems to be a "Shrine" rework, a new Support Skill (being used by the player at the end, the arrows launch in a semi random pattern, then chain) and of course, what seems to be an Atlas Ascendancy.
Ascendancies are sub classes that the player can choose when finishing the first Labyrinth. They allow for specificity and offer a huge upgrade to player power and agency. On the first glance it seems like GGG is now introducing such a mechanic to the Atlas of Worlds, focussed around previous league mechanic (just like with the core supporter packs).

Finally, the last Teaser as of now is the following image, released on the 30th of December, titled "They sought novelties from far and wide at her insistence, never satisfying her curiosity, her lust for conflict and contest.":


Besides the 5 new items (2 gloves, 2 boots and a helmet), there are also those 3 watchstone like orbs in the centre of the image. Many speculate that they are the new version of endgame grinding, which would make sense considering GGG announced the new content would be additive to the current endgame. The orb below the 3 watchstones might be the new Supportgem we saw in the teaser video, but we don't know for sure.

Well now. Those are the teasers we got so far for the upcomming league and endgame update. The official Trailer will be livestreamed on GGG's Twitch channel in exactly a week.

If you have managed to make it this far, thanks for reading! If you have feedback for me or noticed a mistake, please feel free to correct me!

Also I would like to ask, what are your theories/speculations on the next league? Or better: Have you played Path of Exile/will you return to it?

Kind regards,

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