Bomberman NES Gameplay


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Feb 7, 2019
There was time when SNES console had some of the good games. And playing the bomberman type games was definitely fun. And it was even more fun to see how the overall bomberman game was addictive in that time too. I am not sure how many of you guys played the game. But it was definitely one game worth checking out.

I have not played with this game and it looks fun. It's more of a strategic game. Your patience is tested with these kind of game. It simple but complicated somehow. I like the background sound. It feels like game and watch version. ( Ha.Ha.Ha ) I will enjoy this game but will be pissed in time. It's a good game.
It is definitely fun. Not because it is easy. But it can be difficult as you move ahead in levels. And it gets harder as you are limited in space. I remember some of the levels where moving out is extremely hard. And survival is kind of tough in the lines. So I think for those who are into classic games can try it out.

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