Augmented Reality - What’s your thoughts on it?


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Mar 27, 2019
Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality is supposed to have things you see adapt in the background of your life. Games like Pokemon Go, where you are supposed to see the Pokemon right next to the bus stop or wherever you happen to point your device at.

Portability seems to be an important part, as it is being able to move to different spots that allows the variety. I remember there was a video with a Conker (the Rareware squirrel) redesigned as a tech to showcase their idea of an augmented reality game, where it was like a platformer where basically you can see conker path being affected by the objects and their textures, for example, Conker bounces playfully from the couch.

Right now it is very easy to tell apart what are the added elements from our 'real' world, but I wonder just how much could the lines be blurred and what kind of doors could that open.

What are your ideas on augmented reality? Do you think it is worth pursuing?
What kind of games do you think would benefit from it?
I think this tech definitely has a future. Only difference being the games that are made using this tech takes a time to get adopted by people. Also it is expensive as of now. And in near future you can expect it to be more famous and low cost to adopt into.
Augmented reality. is a way in my eyes to create spaces in places where it doesnt exist. like a tv screen where there was just a wall as an example
We're definitely gonna have to wait a while till we get a super good game or anything. Honestly we're still waiting for something groundbreaking on the VR alone so it might be a bit
I'm personally a big fan of AR. I love playing games that let me discover the world around me. I think it'd be especially neat to have some form of simulation/rpg games using it. I'm not sure how they'd work, of course- but imagining AR Minecraft or Harvest Moon are pretty interesting thoughts to me.
Well i did discuss with my friend about doing that. its technically doable with present tech. just need some people willing to work with me on it
Augmented reality is pretty cool. With games like pokemon go being as close as we'll get to having pokemon in real life, it's exciting to see where else it will go.

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