8 Tips to Always Win in Valorant


Valorant, a first-person shooter from RIOT Games, features a comparable engaging and straightforward gameplay to CS:GO. The team-based shooter necessitates a mix of strategy and ability, and it frequently results in adrenaline-fueled gun fights that might be intimidating to a novice.

The game has a sophisticated in-game economy as well as intuitive weapon reactions. In order to improve, inexperienced players will have to go through a time of discovery and acquisition. But with our expert advice, you'll be racking up kills in no time and securing those coveted victories.

1. Don't start playing ranked games right away​

Starting with the rated game mode is a horrible choice since it puts a lot of pressure on you to win so you can enhance your online ranking. Newcomers have a tendency to get carried away. Particularly in a game with a distinct in-game economy and engine.

The game has a rather high learning curve that takes some time to master. When you're first starting out in unranked competition, securing wins might be difficult. Even if you're an experienced first person shooter player, a new game will provide fresh obstacles. As a result, warming up before rated play is critical.

2. Familiarise shooting ranges of various weapons​

The game, like CS GO, offers a wide range of sidearms, shotguns, rifles, AWPs, SMGs, and Machine Guns. Your abilities with a weapon in another first person shooter will not fully transfer to Valorant.

This is why there is a user-friendly shooting range where you can try out different guns while firing at targets. You may pick between stationary or moving bots based on your skill level, and there are multiple difficulty levels (bots emerge quicker in hard mode). Start firing with the armoured bots + spawn mode! Make the most headshots possible.

Each weapon has different but repeating recoil patterns. While burst shooting or mag dumping, you may gain a feel for them and comprehend their usefulness.

If you're a rifler, you may be torn between the ghost and the vandal. Each firearm fires at a different tempo and deals varying damage. So give them a try and discover which one best matches your style of play. You can discover out which one you play best with by using the shooting range.

3. Keep your character's abilities in mind​

One team attacks while the other defends during a round. The spike (bomb) is planted by the attackers, and the defenders attempt to defuse it. If your team has the spike, attempt to keep your character's powers intact. These powers become considerably more valuable after you've planted the spike.

You may stop attackers coming in from particular angles, find out where they are pushing from, or slow them down as they pass through depending on the character you chose.

Use your slow-down orb around the spike, for example, so that an opponent has pass through it to reach the spike. When positioned around the spike, Viper has Snake Bite, which slows down opponents. Jett possesses CloudBurst, which blinds enemies upon entering the spike location by blocking their eyesight. These offer you important seconds to aim and kill from a vantage point of your choosing.

4. Understand various agents' abilities​

Valorant's agent system is built on tiers. In the game, there are 11 agents, each with their own set of abilities. Their skills are essential for achieving a high K/D ratio. They come with two optional talents that can be purchased, one ultimate ability that you gain via XP, and one Signature ability that refreshes over numerous rounds.

Controllers, sentinels, initiators, and duelists are the four kinds of characters.

Controllers have a variety of skills that may be used to alter the map, such as barriers, smoke, and slowing down foes. Sentinels are for players that are more defensive in nature, as well as those who enjoy supporting initiators and duelists with traps.

Initiators are persons who enjoy being at the centre of attention. Stuns and the ability to read opponent locations give these heroes an advantage when storming bomb sites. Duelists are the most attack-oriented characters in the game, with frags and explosives suited for those who go into fight head-on.

Learning these skills is especially important in team games, since having a larger pool of well-balanced characters who complement each other will give you an advantage over your opponents.

5. Don't rush when defending​

While your side is defending, do not rush the site since your opponents will almost certainly have set up traps for you and will be able to take advantage of higher ground. Instead, aim to hold angles for a few seconds and progress methodically through the game, doubling up with teammates. Do not solo rush; it will end badly and negatively harm your KD ratio.

During an attack, attempt to figure out your opponent's routine and flank them or surprise them with a prepared team sweep of the battlefield. You'll have a greater likelihood of trading as a result of this. When a friend dies, you're in prime position to take out a wounded opponent who is often reloading.

6. Keep the pistol round secure​

Because Valorant has in-game credits, securing the first few rounds is critical. This puts you in a good position to win the game. Winning the pistol round is critical for this.

To begin, select your favourite pistols. The Ghost is a good and strong starter pistol with a firing rate and recoil pattern comparable to the USP in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If you decide to keep the The Classic starter pistol, use your money on shields and skills in the pistol round, which are less expensive than weapons.

The credits you receive for winning will help you in future rounds.

7. Find good players to play against as well as with​

Each game consists of 25 rounds, with the first team to complete 13 rounds winning the game. As a result, each game is a difficult combination of talent and strategy.

You gain credits in the game that you can use to buy weaponry. You earn credits by killing enemies and completing rounds. What makes this game special is that you may share your credits with your colleagues to assist them. You might buy weapons or armour for a buddy who is running short on resources.

Because the game isn't a battle royale, your team's play in each round must be planned. Rushing to the same area over and over will not help your squad. If you enjoy Valorant's gameplay, enlist the help of your gaming friends! It will immediately improve your situation.

You also learn to enhance your talent by playing against stronger opponents - even though it is difficult to lose at first!

8. Boost your frames per second (FPS)​

This contemporary FPS is extremely user-friendly. Valorant has achieved extremely high frame rates even on low-end PCs and laptops. As a result, motions and targeting become very tactile functions, and the game as a whole becomes quite immersive. There are, however, ways to boost your FPS in Valorant.

Before you enter ranked play, you need configure your in-game parameters like as sensitivity and crosshair opacity and colour. To achieve the best gameplay, try to alter it early on and make it fit your playing style. When you lose, keep in mind that no one appreciates excuses.

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