Xbox 360 Chat was a different era of online gaming


Dec 11, 2018
Xbox 360 Chat was a different era of Online Gaming. Where everyone had a mic and was willing to trash-talk or make friends. We're going to dive into the scummiest, most degenerate voice and text messages in Xbox 360 history. Buckle up!



Feb 1, 2019
I miss the chats that took place during the games. It doesn't happen much anymore which is sad :(


Jul 17, 2020
I miss the chats that took place during the games. It doesn't happen much anymore which is sad :(
it doesn't happen anymore because a majority of companies have installed rules and safeguards against any type of unruly behavior and then there is the "cancel culture" aka the 'doxing culture' which only reinforces more and more people to put on a mask instead of just being who they are. which usually works to such a high degree that the very same 'cancel culture' harbors some extreme race and sex bias people out there and they just suck it up like a vacuum cleaner because they are what my father would say "easy targets" (he was a con man that made used car salesman look like children and i'm not proud of sharing his blood as he managed to talk his way outta jail all the time but that's another story).
I personally went to school and had friends that personally knew a few of the 'loud' people in the cancel culture and without naming names or other stuff, this is what I generally remember about their beliefs
- Fellow Traveller's that claim to work for the 'betterment of society' while aiming to change the country into a communist one.
- Mein Kampf followers that dedicate their lives into dividing the races so they can have that create what Adolf failed too.
- Misandrists that claims to work for equal rights between the genders but really just want to lower the male gender's status in society. (met and got hit on by quite a few of these types and let me tell you, it's pretty creepy being told that because i'm a guy I deserve to be a slave and have my limbs cut off by a chick I just met)
Black supremacists that claim they are being oppressed so they can gain the moral high ground in a crowd all the while using that opportunity to get away with what they want which from my experience is usually committing crimes like assault or forcing others to give them what they want like a toy product or whatnot. they usually target lighter skinned people and yes that includes Hispanics
(have abit of a story with these types that aren't the same people but it's a nice story to tell none the less: I grew up in a mixed neighborhood that eventually turned into a african one, blacks attacking anyone lighter skinned them them, eventually turned into a divide in the neighborhood. cops didn't do anything even when called. so me and a group of friends started acting as the 'keeper of the peace' in the neighborhood, blacks didn't like this as we kept interfering with their assault on their fellow neighbors, so we fought daily. My friends and I won our fisty cuffs brawls all the time so the black only crowd started hiring people from other gangs to fight us and they lost as well. after a few years of this they started losing traction in the neighborhood which they weren't happy about, so more fights. eventually though there was only 3 remaining that harbored such disdain towards the whites and thus they stopped their attacks towards their lighter skinned neighbors. They did end up forming their own gang and are now in control of the neighborhood but when I last visited they seemed to be respecting their fellow lighter skinned neighbors and my friends still living there have reported that they haven't done anything worth noting since I left, so that's good as i'm too old as well as my friends that are still alive to defend the joint like we did in those days)
Either way that's in the past and from the end of a different era, it'll be interesting to see how online boards will look like in 20 years from now. But then again it'll most likely just be more regulations, doxing, and more "bad words" you can't say online anywhere, god i'm old.