Who thinks The Evil Within is similar to Silent Hill?

Kind in some way. Though I know that some of the games have similar vibes like silent hill due to the scare factor and the ambiance of some places in games.
I had a thought...

What if the Silent Hill franchise actually returns, but The Evil Within series sadly dies? That's somewhat ironic, right? Bethesda had for a while, kind of 'replaced' Konami's series in a very stellar manner, but then something went terribly wrong behind closed doors, with what fans speculate is a fallen out of some sort.

Ikumi Nakamura played a big part in the development of the first two games, and she left Bethesda ages ago, so it isn't looking too great for the future of this series. It's not that it couldn't return, yeah. However, they are still working on GhostWire: Tokyo. I think! Who knows? But I do like these games, and the second one kind of hinted at a sequel. Maybe it will come back eventually.

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