Question Which operating system do you use the most?

Which operating system do you use the most?

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Which operating system does everyone use constantly? I assume many people will choose Windows, but I am wondering why you have stuck to the operating system you are used to using? If you could improve anything to your user experience what would it be?
Usage order
1. Windows 10.
2. Android
3. AmigaOS... I do know PowerPC and some Sony fanboys can't handle when debunked their beloved CELL. CELL's SPU is not a CPU since
  • Missing pointer swap with another CPU node feature.
  • Missing supervisor and user modes i.e. even 68000 has supervision and user modes.
  • IBM claims CELL's SPU as "DSP like".
Linux has plenty of software that can run perfectly fine, and most have feature parity with their Windows counterparts. Those that don't have Linux alternatives typically work with Wine or a VM, so to suggest the software game is lacking on Linux in any way is misinformed.
We have custom business scanning+ocr software that runs with ISIS x64 drivers and it doesn't work with Lintel WINE. Parts of the software runs with WINE but problems with the driver stack.

The boat anchors for Windows
1. Certifed custom business software that runs on top baseline office software configuration.
2. We do have Linux-based servers and customer's IT skills can influence Windows or Linux server selection.
3. Legal responsibility, with MS, we can blame it on MS for software bugs. With Linux, it's our responsibility i.e. we can't blame software bugs on the open-source foundation (change it yourself reply). This issue is a major problem for PC OEMs.
4. Xbox game pass.
5. Using WINE's Windows APIs continues Microsoft's middleware ecosystem.

Microsoft has their Linux distro. Hell freezing over? Microsoft releases its own Linux for Windows | ZDNet
Remember Microsoft's Xenix....lest we forget. The original Microsoft's Borg assimilation behavior.
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Your issue seems to be more related to hardware manufacturers drivers rather than Windows 10 itself. Though I have to agree, how Windows handles updates is TERRIBLE; especially if you are coming from the Linux world.

I also must disagree with this, you can easily visualize MacOS without actual Apply Hardware (Apple frowns upon this, but it is no harder than spinning up a virtual machine of any other OS). Not to mention the Linux is by far more flexible than Windows is in terms of software. Once you get over the initial learning curve of Linux, you will begin to realize how powerful it really can become.

For the distance future I believe most people will continue to use Windows, but I think that this is slowly beginning to change. Yes you may still need to a run Windows for certain things, gaming being the biggest one I can think of. Just like many people will want MacOS for video editing, graphic design, etc.

I think the big change in the future will be many people using Linux to hold majority of there data (as it isn't being scrapped and sold to advertisers like nearly ALL of your data is on Windows or Mac) but people will become more accustom to running a virtual machine dedicated to the task they are doing. Example: I run Ubuntu as my main OS, but I use virtualization to create a Windows VM that is used strictly for Steam. This way all Microsoft sees is someone playing steam on a basic computer setup. The same for Mac, if I want to edit a video; I would just create a MacOS virtual machine, do all of my editing, export the video to my actual Linux system and upload.

This is the future I am hoping for at least..
FYI, MacOS lost hardware-accelerated raytracing when Apple kicked out NVIDIA. Hardware-accelerated raytracing is not just for Blender3D.

Hardware-accelerated raytracing was a big booster in Japanese anime and US Hollywood's CGI industry.

Unreal Engine/Unity 3D+Blender 3D+Visual Studio game development pipeline on Windows OS is very strong.

Hardware-accelerated raytracing also benefits architecture(CAD) industries.

Share of the global server market by the operating system in 2018 and 2019.

I have run Ubuntu desktop on Windows 10.
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I miss some of the free programs you used to have with Windows. Namely, Windows Movie Maker and Media Player.

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