Which gaming platform has the most toxic community?

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Dec 11, 2018
Every online community has its toxic members and good members.

Which gaming platform has the most toxic community?
Honestly Playstion, Xbox, and PC all have their own levels of toxicity problems. Nintendo, I never had a toxic meetup yet, but the last online Nintendo game I played was Metroid Prime Hunters on DS in 2007 so...
I think MOBA and the battle royale game genre are more toxic with various types of the trash comments. But these people can be found in many platforms. I have seen this on mobile the most.
I could see that. Or like the CSS community back in the early 2000s which was pretty terrible.
The Grand Theft Auto community is pretty toxic across all platforms, nature of the game I guess
Yeah somehow this isn't suprising with most of it being messing with other players.
GTA are kind of toxic but not as much as in most SJW games where they have kind of trashtalk which is meant to alienate certain people and also the community that I have noticed.
Errr yes? And by that I mean they all have their own levels of bad community, though I do believe Nintendo is somewhat tamer compared to others.

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