ResetEra: Navigating the Complex Issue of Toxicity within a Gaming Community


ResetEra has gained widespread recognition as a thriving online gaming community, attracting gamers from around the world. However, like any online platform, it is not immune to issues of toxicity. In this article, we will delve into the topic of toxicity on ResetEra, exploring its complexities, the impact it can have on the community, and potential solutions for fostering a more positive and inclusive environment.

1. The Nature of Toxicity​

Toxicity within a gaming community can manifest in various ways, including hostile behavior, personal attacks, harassment, and exclusionary attitudes. It is crucial to understand that toxicity is not unique to ResetEra, but rather a reflection of broader issues prevalent in online interactions. It often stems from anonymity, differing opinions, competition, or a sense of superiority. Recognizing these underlying factors can help address toxicity more effectively.

2. Impact on the Community​

Toxicity can have detrimental effects on the overall community dynamics. It stifles healthy discussions, drives away valuable contributors, and creates an unwelcoming atmosphere for new members. It hampers the potential for constructive debates, collaboration, and the sharing of diverse perspectives. The negative impact of toxicity undermines the very essence of ResetEra as a platform for meaningful engagement and camaraderie among gamers.

3. Promoting Positive Discourse​

Addressing toxicity requires a collective effort from both the community and the platform administrators. ResetEra can implement stricter moderation policies, actively enforce community guidelines, and provide tools for reporting and addressing toxic behavior. Encouraging open dialogue, promoting empathy and understanding, and fostering a culture of respect can help combat toxicity and create a more positive environment for members.

4. Education and Awareness​

Raising awareness about the impact of toxic behavior is essential. Initiating discussions about toxicity, its consequences, and the importance of fostering a welcoming community can encourage self-reflection among members. Educational initiatives, such as informative posts, community guidelines, and moderation transparency, can help individuals understand the boundaries of acceptable behavior and encourage responsible engagement.

5. Leading by Example​

Community leaders, moderators, and influential members play a crucial role in setting the tone and leading by example. By actively promoting positive behavior, engaging in respectful discussions, and intervening when toxicity arises, these individuals can shape the community's culture. Encouraging constructive criticism, empathy, and inclusivity can foster an environment where toxic behavior is less likely to flourish.


ResetEra, like any online gaming community, faces the challenge of addressing toxicity. By acknowledging the issue, promoting positive discourse, and fostering a culture of respect and inclusivity, ResetEra can navigate this complex problem and work towards creating a healthier community. It requires a joint effort from the community, platform administrators, and influential members to uphold the values of respect, empathy, and open-mindedness. Through collective action, ResetEra can reclaim its position as a vibrant and welcoming space for gamers worldwide.
Resetera's biggest toxicity issue is the moderators Due to the moderators getting so ban happy. They ban anything that isn't in favor of their views. Light criticism of a games journalist that they like. "Instaban." It's really just an echo chamber. I joined, then joined a conversation. I said I didn't like Jason Schreier's recent thing I forgot which. Banned for being a "troll".
I do point out that forums are dying and the majority if not all are left owned with left users, how awful it must be for them
All I can do is advise, woke or left wing is not a best seller (Neo are left but smart enough to know this)
Moderators are for hardcore long time users and the whole tradition that surrounds that
Reddit 55 million users, so would not advise it as this template on how to run any forum

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