What's the most difficult game you've ever played?


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Feb 2, 2019
Well, I remember that by the time I was starting to get deeper into this world of video game... One of the games (because there certainly were others along the way) that took my patience (and this happened so many times) was Silent Hill.

I refused to receive any kind of help and after many frustrations and efforts, I managed to finish it that damn game, haha!
For me, all of the games I played is hard, the only thing that kept me going is to cheat or to let others play my game on the hard part and continue it on the easy part.
Hard, to say. I played a good chunk of games over the years, but I would say that a few of the hardiest games I played would be Skyrim and Starfox: Dinosaur Planet.
Minecraft is the only game that I literally had to give up on as a result of the difficulty I encountered in trying to play it. Not sure I'm ever going to try it again.
Skyrim. Some of the quests, chapters and adventures I found were really difficult and really tested my problem solving capabilities.

I'd never cheat or attempt to, instead I have watched and read walk throughs, tutorials and hints and tricks on how to improve and solve various dilemmas in the game.

Self learning and development is a great tool in the 21st century, especially with the Internet. Its easier to find the answer to your question within a matter of seconds.
I wouldn't say it was difficult per se but an extremely annoying game was Skyrim. That game just annoyed me so much because I would end up going up a certain mountain to find the objective/mission start wasn't there and I had to go around the other way.
I think the most of puzzle games that I have tried and solved. They used to be pretty difficult. And I have spent a lot of time among them. So it is always interesting to see how the difficulty varies from one game to another in the puzzle games. I guess we have to learn from those games and adjust the difficulty.
For me it's Crusaders Kings II. I have tried to learn the game many times, replaying the tutorial all over again and again. But it seems that I never have got used to the game. Somewhat, it feels too complicated for me and after many attempts I gave up on it. But I still have the game installed on my computer.
Some of the more difficult games for me were the ones on SNES that didn't allow you to save restore points. Such as toy story or bugs bunny. I remember playing those as a child and I could never beat it because it wouldn't allow you to save. Also on Xbox One Vulgar the Viking was quite a challenging game that also would not allow you to save. Gave me quite a challenge

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