What is your favourite gaming moment?


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Dec 25, 2018
There are probably a lot, but I'll select one that caught my attention recently enough that I wanted to see what others thought about it.

If Darth Vader were to appear in Jedi: Fallen Order, they would enter, battle, and eventually flee.

At the conclusion of the last boss encounter, Vader, one of the most powerful force users in the galaxy who could easily crush someone's windpipe with his two fingers, appears. Yes, you see him effortlessly toss off your friend.


(Just see how he treats a Jedi; he throws them away like garbage.)

You're then forced into a struggle with him (made more difficult by the fact that his HP doesn't display), and he grabs you within seconds, forcing you to attempt to attack him while distracting him by pushing towards him a huge piece of equipment.
Effortlessly, Vader halts it and tosses you across the room.

Now that you know his might, all you can do is flee for your life while Vader rips everything around you to shreds.
That response GamingWins had to Vader was all too close to my own.

The designers not only created a fresh game, but also did a fantastic job of conveying Vader's actual power and how it manifests in real-world interactions. and you, the gamer, in particular.

In a later scene, Vader literally carries the weight of the water as you swim to safety, thus that scene deserves special recognition as well.

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