What is your contact preference when contacting gaming companies?


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Jan 10, 2019
In the past, you have probably contacted a gaming company. Which method of support do you prefer? Email, telephone, or chat live?
I'm a chat live kind of guy, or even better, social media teams on Twitter. I just hate picking up a phone in my daily life as I'm always worried about mumbling my words or something due to my speech. Once I get going I'm fine but that initial stage get's me nervous and I don't want to make a fool otut of myself. Usually quicker resolution online though to be fair as well!
In past I used to go for email. And then after that forums. And after few changes IRC and now the discord. I also made use of the email most of the time. I think email is still the best option.
I'd prefer live chat. Maybe that way I'll have a real agent I can proove to how bad some of these games have become on playability. Would love to go over live chat with Treyarch and show them my theater. You'd be quite surprised and the BS I've had to go through with that game. And I don't even mean to complain but it has gotten quite terrible recently. Not that I even care but I honestly wish the game was more enjoyable
I think it's harder for the game developers to be on the live chat. And also the support of the such game development companies can't be on the live chat or the support ticket all the time. So it's better to choose email and the support ticket based support and help options out there. So better with the email in most conditions.

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