What is the best gaming platform / community?


Mar 20, 2022

Just wanted to get your thoughts on whats the best platform out there to share game data, find out what new games are coming out and generally have a gaming community?

After using twitch a while I don't feel like it brings people together who might not have as developed friendship groups or gaming experience and is more for monetizing your gaming than building a community of gamers.......but that might just be me.

Any thoughts would be appreiciated and any one interested in putting something together would be welcome to chat.
I like NeoGAF as well. It's very busy. Some trolls populate that forum, nonetheless. But I don't think it's anywhere as bad as GameFAQs.
At the moment, I'm making use of Gaminglatest, BaysideGamers and VGR. Although, I have stopped using VGR for a while because of some its toxic staffs that's making the community unbearable to stay on. JoyFreak is good too.
Love JoyFreak obviously. IGN I enjoy as well. Streaming service wise I used to LOVE Mixer until Microsoft shut it down. Twitch just isn't my thing as much. I loved the interactivity on Mixer that it offered. Earn points, level up, etc. It was great while we had it.
It's an unfortunate truth that all platforms and playerbases have at least some problems with toxicity. The places where I've found the least issues is on VGR, here on JoyFreak and some console game Discord servers.

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