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What game do you play to kill a bit of time?

Martin Berisford

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I'm sure we all have a game that we switch on just to waste an hour or two on. For me, I do love a good mindless gaming session and you'll generally catch me doing that on something like the SIMs or Football Manager. I do love a good simulation game and it's fun to see what I can do in an hour. On SIMs anyway I will probably just go on a murder spree with my Sims and box them all into a house until Mr Reaper comes along.

What's your time-wasting game of choice?


For me on Mobile, I mostly play the tower defense games. Those games are often small levels and are pretty addictive. I loved playing some of those games. It can be fun playing them for like 10 to 20 minutes. Some games however are not that easy though. They consume grinding time.
To kill time I play Assassins Creed Odyssey. You can really lose yourself in that game. Mostly cause I get sidetracked really easily lol


Depends on how much time I have to kill. If it's not a large number of time, Clash Royale is a pretty good game as you can happily spend quite a bit of time just battling other players.


This week I may consider playing some puzzle games and see if that suits my boredom. Most of the time it works out though. But it's hard to say on that front. Not all games are worth for boredom either.

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