What game do you hate and love at the same time?

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Mar 23, 2019
What is a video game you love and hate playing at the same time? What are the reasons for it?

For me it's definitely CS:GO. Whenever I win a match there I love the game but whenever I get matched versus cheaters I absolutely hate the game. I think no one likes to play against someone who just have to press the mouse once and kill you with a headshot every time.
FPS games, I enjoy playing them but at the same time they are kind of a time waster.
GTA V. I hate what Rockstar did to the game, both in terms of the online mode and other smaller aspects. At the same time, the game is amazing and one of Rockstar's best creations.
For me, I'm kind of in a similar boat to you Gopnik, just with PUBG when I play. It's one of the more fun and thrilling games I've played recently. I've had lots of fun just marauding around the map, even If I don't get any kills. On the flipside though, it's also frustrating as hell when I play (minus the cheaters) but my perceived notions of 'lag' which results in me getting 1 hit KO'd from god knows where and I fall down in a fit of rage lol.

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