What is your favorite all-time game in 2022?

Apk Clever

Oct 25, 2022
A new year's first few months are always terrible for new video game releases. Developers that are unable to complete a project in time for the holidays frequently cut their losses and postpone the results until January or February in order to purchase extra time for polish. However, I doubt that I have ever seen something exactly like the start of 2022. The COVID bottleneck is starting to ease, studios are working at maximum efficiency, and all of a sudden Namco and Sony are managing to release two of the largest titles on their respective slates in the same week, well ahead of the autumnal peak.
If you're asking about my favorite game of 2022 then my answer is Stray.
My favorite game is Gotham Knight :) This Game is amazing ! i'm a fan of comics also, i like MARVEL & DC Comics <3
Basically, I have played many types of games. but I love The Witcher 3 video game a lot.

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