What do you do when coming back to a game after a long time?


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Mar 27, 2019
So, I am sure the scenario is not unfamiliar, probably every gamer at some point, for one reason or another, had to leave a game in the middle of the overall progress and just couldn't get back to it until a lot of time had passed.

Most of the time I tend to just start over but this has the risk of falling into a loop. Hahaha.
The latest game I picked up after a while was Bravely Default, but since I can rewatch the conversations, that was enough for me to take the same file.

What do you guys usually do in those cases? Do you start over?
This has actually just happened to me as I haven't turned on my XBOX in about two months really just due to life and time taking over. I turned it on today for the first time since then and flipped on Red Dead Redemption 2 for a little session. Honestly, it was like a foreign world turning it back on and trying to get myself back into the game. I forgot all the controls and was moping around some western town wondering how the heck I do anything. Was a very weird feeling actually.
If I leave a game in the middle and its been a few months I'll just start it over again. Most games you need to keep on playing it to catch everything.
This has happened to me a lot of the times especially with Horizon Zero Dawn where I stopped playing for some reason I do not remember. I have tried to get back into it but forgotten how to play it! I definitely wouldn't want to start that again after reaching almost the end!
For me that happened with the Resident Evil 2 remake as well. It was a good game but It made me have some sort of scare factor. And it turned out I dropped the game every now and then. And it was not a good experience for me.
I tried doing this also with RDR2 but made no difference, i just can't get on with the game.
I tried doing this also with RDR2 but made no difference, i just can't get on with the game.

Glad to hear it isn't just me with RDR2 then haha. I found the game, not hard, but long-winded to get into in the first place actually so taking that break really destroyed my flow with the game and like I mentioned, when I tried to start playing again earlier this week it was a a bloody disaster, especially when I was riding my horse and happened across some preacher fella getting robbed by some outlaws. They wiped me out before I managed to even get a shot off on them!


For me it was looking after the base camp, caring for the horse but more than anything was the 'Bounty' system, It just seemed really easy to get a bounty on your head and at the beginning trying to pay it was hard due to little money, One thing i did notice was a few months after the game came out it was priced lower second-hand than gt5!

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