What are your game plans for the summer holidays?

Martin Berisford

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Mar 29, 2019
I don't know about you lot but for me, Summer is when I really get a lot more time to just sit down and enjoy a good gaming session and hit it proper hardcore like. So with that in mind, what's your gaming plan for the Summer? You planning to get yourself a stack of new games to run though? Are you going to work your way through your current collection of 'to play' games or will you be hitting up some old favorites for that good hint of nostalgia?

For me, I'm in the clearing the current 'to play' list category! That'll keep me busy for a few weeks. :)
I've spent a lot of this summer catching up on TV shows, starting a new town on Animal Crossing New Leaf, and exploring other hobbies. I've played a lot of Super Smash Brothers this summer with family though!
I tend to dedicate summers to RPGs since I had more time since I didn't have to go to school, despite no longer being in school I still enjoy playing RPGs best in summer.
I plan to play through (and hopefully finish) a few games in my stupidly large backlog..

I've just set up my PSone again for some retro RPGs if I get around to them.. I fancy giving Legend of Legaia and Suikoden a try.
There is a TV series known as BBA happening around this part of the world that I will definitely catch up with it. However, I will now relax and see how much I am going to improve on playing God of war during the summer as that is one game that I've enjoyed playing right from the time that I got it.
Literally no plans for me, unfortunately. The games that I want to get are coming out after summer which is a real shame.
No specific plans going on. I am just casually playing the android games and moving on random old list to finish those games. It's going good so far for me.

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