What are your favorite weapons in Halo Infinite?


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Aug 11, 2022
Someone just posted a thread on the best weapons in Elden Ring. I've been thinking about my favorite weapons in Halo Infinite, and we were talking about it in another thread somewhere. So I thought I'd make a thread specifically for that.

**Disclaimer** I'm talking from the perspective of the single player campaign.

In the other thread, I had talked about how it's a pain to only have 2 weapon slots, and I'd like 3. I said that I always want to be carrying a Mangler, and in my second slot, it's a fight between having a Ravager, or some type of sniper rifle. The Mangler is a good general-use weapon, and depending on the situation, I love the Ravager for a good close-up power weapon. But sometimes I really need something good for sniping.

But my oldest son actually helped me figure out a better solution, and it involves ditching the Mangler, which I never thought I'd do. The solution is the VX78 Commando. It's great for up close, and it's also decent for sniping because of its awesome scope. It does a good job of replacing my needs for both the Mangler and some kind of sniper rifle. It seems a little less powerful than a dedicated sniper rifle, but it does the job well. Having that frees me up to just have the Ravager all the time and keep it loaded when I can. It's the perfect 2-weapon setup for my playing style. Until I found a VX78 Commando, I was trying to use a BR75, which does a decent job. But I just didn't like that it's a burst weapon. I much prefer with the VX78 that you can pull the trigger once and just shoot one bullet.

So what are your favorite weapons in this game?

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