What are you craving right about now?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
A simple little thread this but what's your poison? I'm sure we all have a little something that if someone waved in front of our face we couldn't resist? For me, if you came to my house and gave me a can of Fanta Fruit Twist and a Mars Bar, well, we'd be best of friends and I'd be a little bit fatter.

What about you? What's your cravings?
Chocolate. More importantly the ones that come in share bags like M&Ms. I could keep eating those whilst browsing my laptop or watching videos.
I may or may not give up a bank account info over a very nice looking cinnamon roll :p
Chinese buffet. Sadly, the only one in town closed during the pandemic and the whole building was later torn down. WTF
I might be craving for a chocolate donut dunked in chocolate sauce. ???
overkill ain't it. ?

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