What are some of your most nostalgia-inducing games?

GBA games. I like role playing games when i was a child. I also tried making missions for one of my classmate in a piece of paper, like a maze where in you must not be killed by monsters. It was very fun, and I really wish I could take back time to the good old days.
I think one game that really takes me back to my childhood would be Pokemon FireRed. I still have the game and my gameboy and remember how addicted I could be at it at times.
Star Wars The Old Republic. I played that game every day after middle school and high school for about 4 years.
Many individuals say they enjoy their childhood games. What characteristics of older titles do you miss the most? What are some of your favourites? Explain why please.
I think old games especially the arcade games were simple. No propaganda and politics. But simple survival and puzzles and jumping etc. So i'd say thats what made many people play those games. I know that it's not easy to find some of such simple games but it's fun for sure.
For me it has to be serious sam, now resident evil and few of the arcade games. The reason being I spent a lot of time playing those arcade games and it was definitely fun for me to play those games and have fun around the same.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for me. Loved playing that game as a kid on my cousins PlayStation 2.
GTA definitely is a good game. i think apart from it, there was also the road rash which was way earlier than the game. And it was definitely worth checking out as well.
Definitely Mortal Kombat. It was my favorite arcade game and I owned it on the PC as well! Even now I still play it. Mortal Kombat X on the Xbox. :)
I'm all about that Theme Hospital life. It was my game of choice when I was younger and I loved sitting down after school, turning on the PC and loading it up and throwing some cheats into the mix. Hearing that "Hospital administrator is cheating" tannoy announcement still makes me giggle like a little boy. It's just good memories and good times. Certainly brings me back to the good days and I would still probably choose that game over some of the Triple AAA games we see coming out today.
Another for me is the original Simcity. I'd play that for days on end. B&W as my monitor was only CGA. LOL
Minecraft I think, eh? When I just started to play the game it was a so much different experience and the survival mode was a whole different thing than it's now. There wasn't that much stuff as nowadays (blocks, items, etc.) and personally I find it more interesting back then.
Rygar and Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES sure bring me back.
Then Ocarina of Time is a classic. I skipped the SNES so the Nintendo 64 was a shocker. I asked for Ocarina of Time as my birthday gift but I have other games that bring me back from that console. perfect Dark and Jet ForceGemini are examples.
Most of us who are pretty much semi old gamers, we tend to get back with those zelda and mario days. And it is kind of fun to see those games being remade with better graphics.

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