What are some of your most nostalgia-inducing games?

Final Fantasy VII. I had a poor grasp of tactics back then, but there was just something about the game that had me powering on. It certainly helped that the characters were mostly memorable, and I couldn't help but want to learn where the story would bring me. The graphics are a joke by today's standards, but it's a classic that brings me back to my childhood.
When I was a small child and this is more than 20 years ago in my country the communist regime didn't allow us to have PC or advanced toys that exist today, I could say that when I was a child the ball to play football was the only toy I had.
My brother got me really into playing The Sims back in 2001, when it first came out. I've been playing it constantly ever since! It never bores me, especially when you have all of the expansion packs, there's so much you can do! Of course I also played most of SNES and Sega Genesis games back in the day. There was this one called TwinBee which I really loved, it was so girly and cute!
When I was a small child and this is more than 20 years ago in my country the communist regime didn't allow us to have PC or advanced toys that exist today, I could say that when I was a child the ball to play football was the only toy I had.
What was the first video game you ever played?
The most nostalgic game for me is an old Donkey Kong game on the Game Boy Color.
My friend gave me her old gameboy and that was the only game I had. I loved it.
So that's definitely the game that takes me back the most. Maybe I'll look for it at a thrift store.
It May sound weird but it's a 2D flash game called Age of war 1 and 2, I really i don't why but whenever I want to think of a game that I enjoyed playing as a kid, it's the only thing that pops in my brain, but if we're talking real games, I thinks it's between PES 2003, and Mafia 1, the first one is linked to some of the best memories of my life, around my family and friends, and the second one is just a memory of SIA's album "1000 form of fears" and long stressless nights, good times.
Probably some old console games that can run on PS2, or Win 95/98. Like GTA and Starcraft.
Old PS1 games! Like Crash Bash, Crash Bandicoot, Twisted Metal... Also Tekken on PS2... These games always remind me of my childhood.
It is Super Mario Brother game that keeps my childhood memory. I am always excited to play and interact with this game. I like it's simple animation and adventure. Each level gives me excitement and difficulty. I love the challenges including the chaos/arguments with my cousins. It was difficult to start the game in a peaceful manner because of rivalry. I need to be competitive among others. It was a survival game. (Ha.Ha.Ha.)
All I can remember from my childhood is Super Mario game. I remembered all of my cousins were addicted into that game until I became one to. We use to tease each other whenever one loses while the winner gets the upperhand. It was such an amazing game.
Well, the first game that I ever played on my computer was Tetris when I was in the school. I used to spend hours playing this game those days. Even now sometimes I feel the urge to play Tetris and when I play it it does take me back to my childhood and my school days.
Mine would always be the game on my Nokia 1100 back then, Space Impact. I remember begging my sister to make her lend her cellphone to me, until she finally had her new phone and gave the 1100 unit to me. I must say that I was one of the aces in the game. It's hilarious, but yes. I was still young back then, anyway.
Super Mario games take me back to my childhood. I remember watching my uncles play because I was too young to play the games. As soon as they turn on their console I'd run into their room and sit myself on the floor and watch the whole time.
For me, arcade game such as Super Mario will bring me back to my childhood. I can still remember that the first gaming console that my parents bought me is the Gameboy which is in still black & graphics and I played Super Mario. I am spending almost wholeday by playing it and almost every week I am asking my mother to buy a AAA battery for my Gameboy ? . Super Mario is the best arcade game I ever played in my life.
There are a lot of 16 bit games that I used to play when I was little. Super Mario Bros. was the most played game with my siblings, we really can't get enought of it until we get exhausted and tired. There are other games I remember like Contra, Island Adventure, Mappy, Donkey Kong and Poppeye that makes us spend most of the day infront of the tv plugged in with play station.
Probably Pes 2003 not that it is special in any how, I just have good memories with it, just that careless mind of kids nothing to stress about, as soon as we start to play we create our own world that we control, like a safe zone, I use to play it with my cousin and friends for hours, we chat with each other when not playing we literally discuss nothing just cartoons and creepy dreams but it feel so good and free.
This is going to date me, but my favorite game as a child was pac man and frogger! I still have a plug and play version of both of these that I dig out every now and then to show my kids friends when they're over. Very old school, but still cool, in my opinion. :LOL:?:devilish:
I mostly remember the old arcade games. And those games if I play on the console definitely brings back a lot of memories. I can tell you that those are some days I just cant forget. And especially the time when I had those old consoles where SEGA had like 100 games in one disc sort of offer.
I think impossible I talk about another game if not Super Mario. I say this because a good part of my childhood comes down to this game and its ramifications (like Mario Kart, for example).

It's impossible to count the hours I invested playing in this game, haha! I was really addicted to it.

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