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What apps drains mobile battery most?


What apps have you found drain your battery the most on your phone? Facebook and Messenger do it for me and they see to want to download updates daily and that's so annoying. I'm glad I have a new phone now that I don't have to charge the battery by noon anymore and can run it a full day.


Probably my vpn which needs to be online to work anyway. Kind of a recipe for a shorter battery life lol.


Apps like Facebook and Instagram even if they are running in the background will use a lot of battery. Also messaging apps will do the same!


That's a very good question. Just checked now and in the past 10 days Instagram has the most battery usage by any app, with 33%. That's probably because I use Instagram the most though.


According to my phone, Reddit is the biggest culprit using up around 30% of my phone battery. None of that is in the background either. It shows that I'm using Reddit way too much right now lol


I use Facebook, WhatsApp, Outlook, YouTube, Google Chrome, and a few more apps. No games. About the battery I like to have it in the HIGH RANGE, never under 20%, so I charge it by night to true 100%. let the phone in Airplane Mode plus battery saving, display off, and wake up in 100-99%. Since the use of YouTube, Facebook/Messenger and even WhatsApp are not really serious for me, I do that only by night and with the phone with the charger, no more than 45/60 minutes. This way the apps do not drain the battery while using.
For me it is my cellular signal + the heat from my car while I am at work. I temporarily work at Popeye's right now and we can't have our phones in our pockets so I keep mine in the glove compartment of my car. I work on a base and there are soldiers walking by my car every day so I'm not worried about it being broken into. Anyway, the heat from the AZ weather and the horrible signal on base causes my Apple Watch and iPhone to die pretty quickly.
Probably Chrome because I'm on that the most, haha. Other than that, if I play any mobile games those have tendency to suck up a lot of battery. It's usually between those two though.

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