Valorant will have in-game store for real money, no loot boxes


Valorant will offer skins and other cosmetics for real money and will not be in loot boxes, Riot Games has confirmed.

Riot confirmed that cosmetics can be unlocked through a Battle Pass system or real money. Valorant will offer up weapon skins and sprays, though character skins might not be ready on launch.

Anna Donlon, Executive Producer at Riot Games also confirmed that all characters will have the same hitbox, so that will impact how additional skins are designed.

I think [character skins] would have to be in a way that there’s absolutely nothing to impact the gameplay.

Valorant will be available later this year on Windows PC; a beta is planned before then.
Riot avoiding loot boxes is a good thing. I don't mind in-game stores, but I just think that in-game purchases are overrated.
YMMV, though.
At least you know what your money is going towards, instead of RNG god's amusement.

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