Top 5 best PS4 games to play in 2019


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Sep 29, 2019
For die-hard gamers, PS4 is a blessing. But finding a perfect PS4 gane is not that easy as it sounds. That is why I have listed the top 5 PS4 games that will make you stick to your PlayStation for hours. Here is the list below:
  1. Auto theft 5
  2. Uncharted 4: a thief’s end game
  3. What remains of Edith Finch
  4. Fortnite
  5. The Witcher 3: wild hunt
What do you make of the list?
My vote goes for the fortnite and the Uncharted. I think those two games is what I'd stick with for my gaming.
Well I recommend you some games that you must play and experience the amazing graphics with Storyline
God of War
Kill zone
Beyond good and evil
These days fortnite is possible on the mobile too. Though it requires more RAM. But I think it all depends on how you manage game play though. So go for other games.
I don't have a PS4 but if I had to make a list for it I would include the following games:

1. Grand Theft Auto V
2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
3. PlayerUnknow's Battlegrounds
4. Dead by Daylight
5. God of War IV

There are much more interesting tittles which you can play on the console but can't fit all of them in just 5 places.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is really good! My favorite Call of Duty so far!

Dead by Daylight is also a fun game! I like playing as Michael Myers haha

GTA 5 and Bioshock are also good games.
I find it odd that nobody has mentioned Horizon: Zero Dawn yet given that it is one of the best PS4 exclusives. Then there's the oft' recommended God of War Uncharted 4 (although I'd say that a bit overrated, but that's that's just me), Spiderman and TLOU Remasted.
I haven't tried many but I have enjoyed the ones I have given a go-to.
Bloodbourne is pretty good if you are after a more challenging game that requires more than just smashing the attack button. I never played Dark Souls but it is a game in the same style by the same developers, as far as I understand.

Spiderman was a pretty good game to come for the Playstation 4. This game seems to have the spider and the open-world navigation really neatly covered. It is not perfect but it is probably one of the better spiderman games around.

I agree GTA V can be another fun game to own, though since that was available for the PlayStation 3 and there you can lay online without paying, other than the enhanced graphics and extra missions for multiplayer, I am not sure I'd put it in my top 5.

The Witcher 3 also seems like a very good game from what I could see my partner play.

I'm curious about Horizon Zero Dawn and the latest God of War, I heard they turned much better than what was anticipated.

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