[Top 15] Best Carry Players in LoL!


Jul 17, 2021
Want to find out who's the best carry player in the game?

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The Worlds 2021 for League of Legends just ended and what better way than to summarize than to rank the best players who showed off this tournament. It was really hard for me to summarize the players and rank them as most of them were good and showed off their skills during the tournament. It was really exciting and fun watching the Worlds 2021 especially if you were making bets with your homies.

Also, a quick side note is that these players are ranked in my opinion. If by any chance you see your favorite player in the wrong spot please don’t come at me. Now that I have protected myself let’s start this list off, shall we? Some of these players might have not played in the Worlds 2021 but they still deserved to be mentioned!

15. Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk

This guy hits skill shots like he's using a ruler :D.

Park Jae-hyuk or as more people know him as Ruler is a South Korean ADC player. He first off started his career as a professional mid laner but later throughout his career he changed roles and now he’s a top-tier marksman.

Ruler excels at team fighting and that’s his catch. You’ll always find him in a situation where he’s helping out his team with his dear life. This guy will not miss a single-team fight. He’s not only great at team fights but he excels at poking the enemy during the laning phase. Any chance he gets to even do 50 damage to the enemy he will take it.

This guy does not mess around when it comes to laning. The enemy team better pack a bag of health potions because they’ll sure need it. Some interesting facts about Ruler are that he reached 1000 kills in LCK on April 1, 2020, and he’s the 11th player to reach that milestone! Another interesting fact about Ruler is that he was known as Bung before and played for a team called Stardust today he plays for Gen.G Esports.

How badass is this player exactly? - Well, let me tell you. He doesn’t have the best champion because he’s great at every single one of them as almost everyone on this list. But some champions that he excels at and he’s good at are such as Kai’sa, Miss Fortune, and Ezreal. When Ruler picks up Kai’sa he’s winning 100% of the time and getting himself a penta kill.

Major Tournament Achievements:

Ruler achieved the number two spot with his team Gen.G Esports this year in the LCK Spring 2021 Tournament earning himself and his team 89,206$.

Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk highlights:

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