The Top 5 Kenshi Best World State Mods That Are Excellent


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Mar 25, 2021

Kenshi is a massive world with tens of factions and cities to encounter. But after good +300 hours of gameplay, you’ll realize that the game is slowly becoming stale - you’ve discovered all of the factions, all of the cities, what happens if Holy Phoenix or Tengu dies, and so on. Eventually, you want the world to be a bit different and filled with new content and that’s exactly what these mods will deliver! Let’s get started with our first listing:

5. Crow’s World 2​


New cities!

This mod adds new cities and remakes of the vanilla ones. If you’ve played Kenshi for over +500 hours, you might get sick of how cities look like - the same, grim and monotonous. This mod does a great job at putting more stuff in the cities, such as shops, some random crap that makes the city more alive, and other many cool things!

Why this mod is awesome:
- A remake of 25 vanilla cities
- +4 new cities
- New shops

4. Take Over the World​



Finally, a mod that lets you take over the world. You take over the world by killing the leaders of each city - it means that Heft, the capital of the United Cities, can be claimed if you kill Tengu. This applies to Holy Phoenix, Esata the Stone Golem, and many other faction leaders. Good luck with your world conquest!

Why this mod is awesome:
- Allows you to take over the HN territory
- Makes your empire even bigger
- You can technically take over the world!

3. Living World​


It’s alive!

In summary, this mod lets other factions take over other cities if high-profile NPC’s got killed. For example, if you kill Meatlord at the cannibal territories, Deadcat is gonna get their villages back, if Tengu is killed, peasants and rebels will take over Heft, and so on.

It makes the world a bit more reactive and allows other factions to be in charge of cities. Lovely!

Why this mod is awesome:
- Allows you to start as a Tech Hunter
- If you’re a Holy Nation fan, you can take over territories from the UC
- You can now join one of the swamp gangs


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