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Oct 20, 2019
After the 1980’s century, video games have come a long way. Since then an impressive number of advances in the gaming technology was done by the gaming industry. Which indicates the brighter future for the gaming industry.

Here are some examples of what advances were done during these years in the gaming industry.And what changed the face of gaming face. Cutting edge gaming technologies allow games to experience games in a fully immersive way.

Technologically, video games have advanced a long way from their beginnings. The billion-dollar industry has grown from pixels to almost photo-realistic graphics and has spread from arcade machines to personal computers, consoles, mobile devices such as tablets and phones, and virtual reality headsets. you mas also like highly compressed pc games.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

We saw augmented reality in action with Pokemon Go.

Now, that game was really fun for a short period of time. How long is it before people think of augmented reality uses for more than just Pokemon Go spinoffs? Virtual scavenger hunts, interactive theme park experiences, virtual “events” that could take place all around you..there are some really cool opportunities.

What does this mean? You’ll have some serious wiggle room for thinking outside of the box. Imagine the puzzle or strategy games that could be played in an augmented reality. Is real-life Yugioh a thing yet? Here’s an even better idea: Think beyond existing franchises. What are some original IP ideas that would rock in the augmented reality format?

Immersive Gaming: The Return Of Virtual Reality (VR)
Some of you may be surprised to know that 3D films have existed since about a century ago. The technology just didn’t really didn’t take flight since then due to high costs. It is not until In the recent years that we’ve experienced the revival of 3D technology not only in films like Avatar, but also for gaming screens.

We have also seen the evolution of video games in terms of its graphical quality, so much so that one would have difficulty differentiating a video game from a real-life scene today. It appears that there is a movement towards more immersive digital entertainment, from movies to games. The question is, where do we go from real-life 3D graphics and beyond? With major leaps in technology that resulted in improved hardware capabilities, virtual reality (VR) has started to resurface in the gaming industry.

Of particular note is the upcoming Oculus Rift, a VR head-mounted display (HMD) created by Palmer Luckey Due to be released early next January for a mere $300, Oculus Rift features a massive field view (107 degrees), quick-response (ultra-low latency) head-tracking system, and incorporates immersive stereoscopic 3D rendering capabilities as well. Its prototype which was showcased in various gaming conventions has already received numerous positive reviews from game developers and internet reviewers alike.

Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition

One of the latest technology that was added in gaming is 3D scanning and facial recognition technology which allows systems to create your exact likeness in the gaming world. As a result, creating your own avatar is a lot more interesting nowadays.

You can also transfer your own expressions to other digital creations easily. Beside this Intel ®, RealSense™ 3D camera can adapt motion in the gaming by scanning 78 different point s of your face which is really cool. Like if the system saws a few grimaces at your game screen it will trigger the difficulty level down instantly.


Too lazy to pick up that controller? No problem! Voice controlled gaming has been around for a while, but the potential of using the technology in gaming systems has finally caught up to reality—computers are now able to easily recognize voice commands from the user.

Not only can you turn the console on and off using this tech, but you can also use voice commands to control gameplay, interact on social media, play selections from your media library, or search the web, all by simply talking to your gaming system.

Amazing Graphics & High Definition Display

This is a thing which will not be enough for any word to cover. The amazing gaming graphics of games now has added an extra level to the overall gaming industry along with gaming experience. Cutting Edge advancements have added extra points to the realistic photo texture of the game.

With the increase in playability added with high graphics resolution made the gaming experience more fun and enjoyable to play. With that much of good graphics, you will also need a good gaming monitor which will be available to give your full support for your high graphics gaming resolution.

This calls for 4k gaming monitor with that much high-resolution compatibility of support your game. Unbeatable colour and crispness along with 1080P resolution is a much-needed thing nowadays.

Mobile Games & Cloud Gaming

Perhaps the only games more portable than the Nintendo Switch, Mobile games are responsible for nearly half of the video game industries sales last year. Playing games anywhere, connecting with friends on the internet. Playing everything from Words with Friends to Runescape whenever you have some downtime during your day.

We saw the power of mobile-based Pokemon Go. What other worlds can we be pulled into with the ever-increasing power of mobile phones? With the help of technology creating video game systems require more powerful hardware.Now, developers are using cloud gaming.

Games do not need to be limited to an amount of memory that discs or consoles to offer.Using the cloud of gaming your images and data will be stream from the servers through the internet.
But what about Nvidia Shield, Ryzen 5 Processors and Nvdia Thunderbolt .......Even then Google will also start its own cloud gaming.

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