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The Beast (Visual Novel)

THE BEAST is a linear role-playing horror furry visual novel about a world filled by terrifying monsters named "The Corrupted", a demonic species that hungers for human flesh and blood. A company of Alchemia Corp, hired a special team called "BEAST Hunters" to hunt down and eliminate them. It was at this moment, Eric, a teenage boy who lives a smooth life without going out in a clean house, gradually learned that he is not a human...

I'm GhostieSpectie, the writer and artist of THE BEAST (Visual Novel). If you're interested in my work, feel free to follow me on the following social medias: Furaffinity and Twitter

How much is completed?
So far what's playable are Chapter 1 to Chapter 4. THE BEAST is a work in progress and I plan to deliver at the very least weekly updates to add the rest of the planned content into the game and weekly dev blog post as well so you can see what I've worked on that week.

How do I update my game after a new update releases?
Simply delete the old "THE BEAST (Visual Novel)" game folder and download the new one. Your saves are stored in your local files, so they should be retained after the update.

Download and play "THE BEAST (Visual Novel)" here:
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