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Jun 15, 2019
In general, what is your favourite one in the series? For myself, it's Silent Hill 3. I do like the other, original Team Silent games. But the ones that Team Silent did not develop after 2004, are just shite.

Homecoming, anyone? Like... uh! :D

Edit: My Internet speed is absolutely pish today. ?
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I remember my playing in Silent Hill. But do not know which part. I think the first one, where was that scary fog (or maybe it is in all games too, heh).

Ah, and there was somewhere an easter egg with doggy in front of computers which was like an invisible creator of all the chaos :D
Oh, yeah. That's the Dog Ending. ?

You can achieve different endings, depending on what objectives you do in the games.
Probably Silent Hill 2, although I've only played through the first 3 games and have only done each of them once..

I keep meaning to play them again, but haven't gotten around to them yet.
There's going to be some more information about Abandoned tomorrow. In August, I think we will learn way more. You know how companies do this to keep interest maintained.

However, I don't see it being Silent Hill related, if they're being honest about there being no ties to either Konami or Hideo Kojima. Then again, it could be a ruse they're pulling off because they know people are so excited about the franchise supposedly returning.

Curiously, there have been even more rumours popping up this past week. Norman Reedus even got in on it as well.

EDIT: I hate phones. :p
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