Konami has a Silent Hill showcase planned!


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Jun 15, 2019
Now that there's something concrete from the horse's mouth as opposed to your unreliable sources, it's time to get excited for the series! I'll check back in on Wednesday to see what all of this is about.
But Dusk Golem was correct, you know. So I wouldn't quite put it across as being unreliable, as he has been correct about other leaks. It just hadn't been confirmed at the time, but he seemed to know Konami would show something this month.

Now that it has, I would say he was spot on. ;)
Anyway, we still don't know what this official announcement will be. It could be another pachinko or something much worse for all we know.
Those packinko machine comments on NeoGAF have gotten so old. :D

I think Konami has learned they screwed up. I know people may be sceptical, because of Konami's previous mismanagement. But they've probably only started the series with P.T. or something.

That's all some people claiming to be fans, ever seen to talk about. Like Hideo Kojima was the guy who put the series on the map. He wasn't. That was Team Silent. His demo concept never evolved into any finished game.

But at least they should be patient. Wait until we see something about the game, or games that Konami has in store, no matter how vague or brief this footage may be. So long as it's official information, they should see the goods first.
How satisfying is it to see an official press release about the future of Silent Hill? It sure beats having to waste my time reading speculations from inconsequential clickbaiters. Besides, I knew all along Konami was planning something big with the series and I'm glad to finally see I was correct!

Anyway, the Silent Hill 2 remake looks average at best in this latest teaser. Hopefully it's more finely polished the next we catch a glimpse of the title. I was more impressed by Silent Hill f which might be cool to check out.
I'm glad we can be more optimistic, unlike others I know.

On other forums I go on, people are spitting and whining about Konami. It's ridiculous too, considering they came out and truly delivered last night.

Now, okay. We didn't really see any actual gameplay from these titles yet. I get that this is key. But they did talk about a lot of projects overall, merchandise, and a third movie from Christophe Gans. That's way more than one might expect. Yet people still want to moan about dumb things.

They also keep making Hasan jokes, complaining about Hideo Kojima, and then telling packinko machine jokes. This has already been debunked. This nobody Hasan even said he has nothing to do with Konami. Repeatedly!

Blue Box Game Studios or whatever they're called, are, or at least were working on some crappy looking game named Abandoned. It doesn't have anything to do with Konami. So why every second or so post on NeoGAF is a spam joke, it's just pretty silly.
Anyway, let's hope the Silent Hill 2 remake doesn't deviate much from the original. The 2001 title is a nearly perfect game and plays the best on the PC.
I'd like to know how the Japanese game links to the established mythology of Silent Hill. After all, the other games are generally set in or close to the town. But Silent Hill is a town located in the United States. So it's gotten me feeling curious why it's now based outside America.

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