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Thoughts on the design?

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I love it. Not a huge fan of what they did with the disk drive though, but there is no way I'm getting the digital version so I'm going to have to get used to it. Hoping they release a black version.

Brad P

I really am digging the design of it and its nice to see the white back from its original roots.

The futuristic looks make it different and to be honest (without going off topic) look at the xbox series X it looks like a black box nothing new and for me ugly.

Just need to see how much it costs :rolleyes:


People are saying that we should expect around a $50 difference between the two versions. For that type of difference, I don't see the point of getting a digital version since you won't be able to play your PS4 games.


I take some time to get used to new things. So I'd say I am going to hold my opinion on reserve and going to accept what is released.Because there is no other way to embrace this. Change is happening. We can't have old stuff anymore. So yeah be it joystick or the overall design or digital only edition. We have to get used to that.


I thin disc based version being made in 2020 is a good sign. They do care about many old gamers who have the media in disc. So that way they are not going to lose the old customers. I do think we have no option than to go pure digital in near future. But in that context people will also be on less consoles.

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