Platinum Games expands with new opening Tokyo studio


Platinum Games has expanded by opening a new Tokyo studio that will help it to develop live service games for consoles.

PlatinumGames was founded in 2006 with the goal of spreading smiles and surprises all over the world. Since then, we’ve done our best to create home console games overflowing with originality, with player satisfaction as our top priority.
Kenichi Sato, President and CEO

Fourteen years of hard work later, we’re proud to be regarded the world over as one of the foremost Japanese game developers, by gamers and fellow creators alike. I’m always humbled when I visit game studios abroad and our peers there tell me they’re fans of PlatinumGames.
Platinum Games has recently announced first self-published IP called Project GG.
Looks like they are making good use of that investor money and are serious about standing at the top. I know they can be a great developer and publisher.
The gameplay of their games is awesome, but they use anime stories and characters which I consider ludicrous and comical.

What games did they make. Might check them out then. But I can say that that's a good investment opening up offices around the world to expand the game.