Nintendo’s latest Switch review


Aug 3, 2021
On March 3, Nintendo officially launched a new generation of game console Switch. Since the release of Switch, this cross-platform game console has been sought after by many players and media, and its innovative split design makes people feel amazing.

Although Nintendo did not announce the sales figures on the day of the sale on March 3, according to foreign media, the Switch sold 331,000 units in the first week in Japan; two days after the launch, the Switch broke the sales of Nintendo Wii in North America. record. To describe it in the words of fans, the Switch is completely a big move Nintendo has made in the past five years.

1.Appearance design

The appearance of the Switch is the biggest highlight of the whole machine. It is commonly described as "long" and "big", so large that you can't put it in your trouser pocket. It doesn't have the exquisite flip of the DS series and the bloated figure of the WiiU. I almost thought it was a product from another family. However, when I feel it, there will be a certain feeling: "Well, it's the unique plastic feel of Nintendo."

The distinctive host is divided into two Joy-Con handles on the left and right and three parts of the host, each with a built-in battery for independent power supply, and the three are connected to each other through metal rails. The Joy-Con handle part of the Switch is available in "electric blue + electric light red" or "gray" two colors, built-in gyroscope and vibration motor, there will be more realistic HD vibration mode in certain games, this hardware lineup is almost impossible The word "handle" is used to describe it, which also explains why the handle needs to be powered separately. The "red+blue" Mandarin duck Joy-Con handle color-matched Switch is undoubtedly the most stunning, and it also highlights the recognizability of the Switch. I believe that many female players will like it.

2. Configuration

In the button layout, the handle part is equipped with a joystick and four conventional buttons, but the key layout on the left and right sides is slightly different. The joystick is no longer flat and supports pressing, more like a normal joystick, and feels great. . In the console packaging, Nintendo thoughtfully included a pair of ropes for easy use after removing the handle. Especially in games like "12Switch", the hand rope is very important. But it is very, very important to note that the hand strap is divided into left and right, the handle "+" should be opposite to the hand strap "+", and vice versa. Otherwise, the mutual guide rail will be stuck.

The 6.2-inch screen is large and also supports touch screens. Not only does the screen have no obvious graininess, but it also naturally ignores the existence of large black edges. It is worth mentioning that since the Switch's screen is not scratch-resistant, it is recommended that the screen be filmed as soon as possible.

In addition to the screen, the main unit also has built-in various chips, cooling fans, and so on. This also shows why the Switch is so thick and heavy. When I get close to the cooling vent, I can hear the whistling of the internal fan. The Switch uses the latest Type-C interface in a sleek fashion, and the host supports up to 2TB memory card expansion. In addition, a plastic sheet to support the host is provided on the back of the host. These are the places that surprise us. In addition to the host part, the base of the Switch also plays an important role. The base provides three ports for charging, HDMI, and USB for connecting to TVs and display devices.

3. Game experience

The system UI is still Nintendo’s style, and the theme is only available in black/white background colors. There are not many options. The most eye-catching is the game arrangement, followed by Nintendo News, online store, gallery, controller options, settings and power.

In terms of operation, the Switch can press the Home button to cut out the menu during the game; press the shortcut key on the left handle to save the screenshot. Note that the screenshot only supports Twitter/Facebook sharing, and does not support export. In the online store, we can download the digital version of the game here, without the need to buy a cassette, provided that the service area is selected first.

In addition, the host does not support Bluetooth transmission, does not have a built-in web browser, and does not have an audio/video player. This is like a poker face saying to you: I am a game console, except for this, there is really nothing else. Even after the release of the Switch, several games such as "Zelda's Breath of the Wild", "Super Bomberman", "12Switch", "Puff Puff Tetris" and "Just Dance 2017" were all simultaneously released. On the shelves, but the number of games on Switch is still pitifully small. But the good news is that in a few months, there will be at least 60 masterpieces on the platform, including "Mario Kart 8", "Mario Odyssey", "Super Street Fighter 2" and so on.

The above is a small evaluation of the latest switch model. For the three aspects of switch, from appearance design to configuration to game experience. Everyone is welcome to discuss together.

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