Monster Hunter Rise demo now available on Switch


A Monster Hunter Rise demo is now available on Nintendo Switch, a new press release from Capcom has confirmed.

The demo will be offered “throughout the month of January,” ending on 31 January, Capcom said.

The demo includes the following:
  • Training – Learn the basics of monster hunting, including an introduction to the new Wirebug mechanic and Palamute riding. Solo play only.
  • Wyvern Riding – Enter an arena to experience Wyvern Riding, a new feature that allows hunters to ride and guide monsters for a period of time. Solo play only.
  • Beginner Quest: Great Izuchi – Ideal for first time players or hunters who need a refresher course. Solo play, local multiplayer and online multiplayer.
  • Intermediate Quest: Mizutsune – A fierce challenge for experienced players only. Solo play, local multiplayer and online multiplayer.

The demo, found here, can be played in solo mode offline, or online using local or online multiplayer for up to 4 players. A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required for online multiplayer. Nintendo is offering a free trial of the service until 13 January.

As part of the demo, players are able to participate in up to 30 quests.

Monster Hunter Rise heads to Nintendo Switch on 26 March 2021. Check out the special digital event video below for more info of the game.

Got the demo downloading as we speak, somewhat interested to see the Switch experience.

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