10 Game Boy Titles That Ought To Be On Nintendo Switch Online


For many individuals, the Game Boy evokes a tremendous amount of memories. If you were born in the late 1990s or early 2000s, the Game Boy may have been your first video gaming system. Not only is the system nostalgic, but a multitude of actually fantastic games evolved from it.

Although you can still purchase a Game Boy and play your favourite childhood game, accessing ancient Game Boy games on Nintendo Switch Online is a simple choice. Often, older video games do not age well. Yet despite that, there is a wealth of Game Boy titles that we're sure you'd be eager to see on Nintendo Switch Online.

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1. Toy Story​

Everyone knows and loves the original Pixar movie, and the Toy Story franchise has gone on to generate millions of admirers worldwide. In 1995, during the reign of the first film, Toy Story was launched as a Game Boy video game.

Despite conflicting reviews, many fans would like playing the game again on a more modern platform.

In Toy Story, you play as Andy's toys and traverse the home. There is a degree of risk involved, since common household items pose a threat to toys.

2. The Simpsons Road Rage​

If you are a fan of racing games, you have probably certainly played The Simpsons Road Rage at some time. This game enables you to explore Springfield as a variety of Simpsons characters. You may unlock additional characters as you go through the game.

In addition to the primary purpose of the game, there are several side missions and minigames. The Simpsons Road Rage on the Game Boy was enjoyable, and it would be endlessly entertaining on the Nintendo Switch.

3. Atomic Punk​

Atomic Punk is the first game in the Bomberman franchise. Atomic Punk's gameplay was revolutionary for its day. The game contains four modes you may play, including two multiplayer variants. Also, it lets you to pick which power-ups and panels to utilise at the beginning of each level.

Atomic Punk is a game that can be effectively adapted to contemporary platforms. The original Bomberman's premise and gameplay make up for its simple story.

4. Pokemon Trading Card Game​

During the time when everyone was drooling over the original Pokemon games, one game was underestimated. The Pokemon Trading Card Game focuses only on the card game itself, and players may construct decks, combat opponents, and acquire medals.

The music of the Pokemon Trading Card Game is particularly noteworthy. If you are acquainted with the 8-bit style, the music will have made an impression on you. There was something appealing about the trading card game's simplicity, from its execution to its music.

5. Monster Max​

Monster Max is a niche game about a guitar player trying to overcome Krond, a villain who wants to outlaw music. Monster Max is not a rhythm game, but it has powerful music themes that are relatable to most people. Thus, the game created a very favourable effect on people who purchased it. Monster Max's puzzles, isometric perspective, and general idea transition well to the Nintendo Switch platform.

6. Batman: The Video Game​

Batman is a cornerstone of popular culture in a variety of media formats. Before the famed Batman: Arkham series, there were 1980s-era standalone games. Batman: The Video Game draws some influence from the 1989 motion picture. Yet, there are a number of variations between the film and the game.

Nonetheless, fans were happy to witness a reproduction of their favourite superhero in a video game. During the 1990s, the Batman fan base has not diminished, and many fans would want to be able to play Batman on the Nintendo Switch.

7. Harvest Moon GB​

Harvest Moon has been a well-liked agricultural simulator with a global fan following for many years. Although if the majority of Harvest Moon games have a similar concept, the simplicity of the first few games will make you crave for simpler times.

You may play as either a boy or a girl who inherits their grandfather's farm in Harvest Moon GB. Even if there are other variants of Harvest Moon, the ability to relive a classic game in its original form on the Switch would be wonderful.

8. Who Framed Roger Rabbit​

Who Framed Roger Rabbit has been a cult favourite since its premiere in 1988. Two years later, the film was made into a Game Boy video game. Several characters and concepts in the game have been edited to make it family-friendly.

In spite of restrictions, the characters remain loyal to themselves. This makes it difficult not to feel nostalgic while playing. If Who Framed Roger Rabbit were ever released on Nintendo Switch Online, you would likely feel obligated to purchase it for nostalgic reasons.

9. Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow​

Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, perhaps the most coveted series of all Game Boy games, would be an excellent addition. Especially when it comes to Nintendo games, nothing can surpass the oldies. From its inception, the Pokemon universe has experienced several changes, many of which have been for the better. Yet, accessing any of the original Pokemon games on Nintendo Switch Online would complete the cycle.

10. Frogger's Adventures: Temple of the Frog​

Frogger's Adventures: Temple of the Frog was a classic children's video game. Following a very straightforward concept, Frogger must rescue his buddies by gathering holy components from throughout the globe.

Due to the game's family-friendly nature, Frogger's Adventures would be an excellent addition to Nintendo Switch Online. Adults may play Frogger's Adventures without becoming bored, while young children can immediately grasp the game's fundamentals.

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