Metroid Dread, a 2D adventure, coming to Switch in October


Metroid Dread, a 2D adventure, is coming to Nintendo Switch on 8 October.

Nintendo said:
The first 2D Metroid game with a new story in 19 years is coming this year to Nintendo Switch. Metroid Dread is a direct sequel to 2002’s Metroid Fusion and concludes the five-part saga focusing on the strange, interconnected fates of bounty hunter Samus and the Metroids, which kicked off with the original Metroid for NES.

In this game, Samus heads alone to a mysterious remote planet and is hunted by a dangerous new mechanical threat: the E.M.M.I. robots. By gaining abilities, players can return to areas they’ve already visited to find new places and hidden upgrades in classic Metroid gameplay. Explore the sprawling map, evade the E.M.M.I. robots, and overcome the dread plaguing the planet.

Pre-orders are available now, alongside a Metroid Dread Special Edition which includes:
  • Metroid Dread
  • ASteelBook case
  • A 2D Metroid franchise artbook
  • Five cards that feature box art from all the games in the five-part saga

The title will also offer new Samus and E.M.M.I. amiibo figures on launch day.

While it’s good news for Metroid fans, it’s certainly not Metroid Prime 4.

Metroid Dread heads to Nintendo Switch on 8 October.

I love we got this over Prime 4, I've been wanting a 2D metriod for a long time.

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