Top 10 Games To Play If Enjoy Metroid Prime Remastered


Since its debut in 1986, Metroid has established itself as one of the most significant science-fiction series of all time, even spawning a whole new genre. In 2002, Metroid Prime was revolutionary for the franchise for being the first in 3D and delivering a first-person view of the renowned bounty hunter Samus Aran.

The remastered edition of Metroid Prime aims to reproduce these same beloved experiences with improved features and visuals for a younger audience. But, after you have finished Samus' mission, there are a plethora of different games that include exploring the galaxy and battling aliens.

1. Dead Space Remake​

If you're in the mood for more survival horror in your sci-fi adventure, the reboot of the original game Dead Space 2023 will definitely satisfy your cravings. Shortly before Samus Aran boards the Orpheon and is confronted by hostile aliens above Tallon IV, engineer Isaac Clarke arrives at the USG Ishimura, a space station mining the planet Aegis VII that contains a horrific surprise.

Isaac and his crewmates are besieged by reanimated extraterrestrial beings known as Necromorphs, which appear in a variety of hideous forms and sizes and include really disturbing body horror. The Ishimura is also home to additional massive monsters featured throughout Metroid Prime, and the protagonist wears a special RIG suit that may be upgraded.

2. Aliens: Fireteam Elite​

It is no secret that H.R. Giger and Ridley Scott's Alien had a significant impact on the creation of the Metroid series' sci-fi atmosphere. Even a nemesis called Ridley returns to torment Samus throughout the series' episodes. Many games based on the mythology of the Alien world have been created, but Aliens: Fireteam Elite is among the greatest.

Fireteam Elite is more action-oriented than Alien: Isolation and a significant improvement over Colonial Marines. Here, you may work with a squad of three to exterminate waves of never-before-seen Xenomorph species. And if you want to fight the hordes alone, like Samus, you certainly can.

3. The Halo Saga​

Although though Halo: The Master Chief Collection cannot roll into a ball and his Mjolnir armoured suit is not as well-made as Samus' Chozo Power Suit, he is still a strong protagonist capable of repelling alien assaults. Master Chief is a Spartan of the United Nations Space Command who has been the protagonist of the Halo first-person shooter franchise since its inception.

Any of the early games in his collection feature a mostly silent Master Chief and provide amazing sci-fi entertainment. After completing Metroid Prime, Halo Infinite's stunning aesthetics and graphics, combined with its expansive terrain packed with Grunts, Jackals, and Elites, are the ideal complement. In addition to the main tale, there are also multiplayer bouts.

4. Deep Rock Galactic​

Deep Rock Galactic's idea is significantly different from that of Metroid Prime and also promotes co-op play, but it's an entertaining one nevertheless. You are part of a team of dwarves dispatched into space by an intergalactic mining corporation to investigate caverns containing both precious materials and dangerous monsters.

You may choose from the Gunner, Scout, Engineer, or Driller character classes. Each has a unique arsenal of weaponry with which to protect against the diverse alien Glyphid species. Caves are also procedurally produced, so you never know what to expect.

5. Prey​

Prey is a first-person science fiction shooter developed by the same team that created Dishonored. The game takes place in an alternative timeline in the near future on the Talos I space station. You are Dr. Morgan Yu, the Director of Research for the station's owner business. And this discovery refers to a sophisticated alien race named Typhon that has the power to change its appearance.

These aliens have managed to escape and are now rampaging across the whole station, presenting a grave threat to all surviving employees. You have a variety of unique weaponry at your disposal to combat them, but you can also level the playing field by using some of their extraordinary Typhon abilities against them.

6. Scorn​

Scorn is a game that relies heavily on H.R. Giger's design, themes, and graphic style. It is a first-person shooter puzzle game that is unlike any others in the category. In a subterranean system resembling an Engineer ship from Alien lore, you awaken with no true knowledge of the place, people, or goals.

The landscapes are developed with dramatic and unsettling puzzle areas that include bizarre graphics and biomechanically inspired weapons. While the emphasis is more on puzzles and environmental narrative than on fighting, firearms are nevertheless used to solve puzzles and deal with the rare alien threat.

7. Returnal​

Now that Returnal is accessible on PC and no longer exclusive to consoles, it may be the ideal time to check it out. In this game, space explorer Selene Vassos follows an enigmatic signal she dubs "White Shadow" to an unknown planet called Atropos. Her pursuit of this planet forces her to crash-land on it, where she quickly realises she's trapped in a time loop.

It turns out, however, that Atropos is not so barren after all, since it includes a multitude of tentacled monsters that fire projectiles in the style of Bullet Hell. This game has its fair mix of challenging bosses, intrigue, and roguelike gameplay. Yet despite the fact that Selene does not have a specific suit like Samus, you may use alien technology to modify your body and obtain new skills.

8. High On Life​

If you're a fan of Rick and Morty and don't mind a bluntly funny comedy perspective on destroying evil aliens, High On Life is a terrific and amusing choice. When a cartel of aliens that manufacture narcotics from human life invades your Earth, this game transforms you from an average high school graduate into an expert bounty hunter.

Your bounty-hunting trip will introduce you to a variety of humorous characters and bosses. The most entertaining aspect of High On Life, however, is that your character remains mute while a species of talking firearms called Gatlians, voiced by well-known comedians and performers, do all the responding and talking.

9. Metroid Dread​

Fans of the revamped Metroid Prime will like Metroid Dread the most in 2021. Metroid Prime diverged the franchise into a first-person shooter style, but Dread returns it to its third-person side-scrolling beginnings. It is also a direct sequel to 2002's Metroid Fusion and brings Samus to the planet ZDR on a new assignment.

The next-generation visuals and landscapes are immersive and gorgeous, and the diversity and creativity of the bosses make it one of the most impressive Metroid entries. Regrettably, Ridley is gone from this installment, but Kraid returns.

10. Doom Eternal​

Doom Eternal is the sci-fi game that most closely resembles Metroid Prime in terms of gameplay. The shift from fast-paced first-person shooter gameplay to brief cutscenes showcasing the Doom Slayer is seamless. And the protagonist wears a fighting armour akin to Samus Aran's, complete with a shoulder-mounted cannon for use against adversaries.

In Doom Eternal, platforming becomes an integral part of exploring levels, discovering secrets, and using combat zones to your advantage. There's a mix of weaker alien adversaries to bigger boss monsters that are equally hard. As with Scorn and Dead Space, this venture is more brutal.

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