Mahou Arms coming to Steam on April 28


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Dec 12, 2018
Key Features
  • Smooth Character Action Combat – Control a magical girl and fight with a variety of moves to take out your opponents!
  • A Gripping Story – Follow the struggle of GARDA and get to know the magical girls you command, along with a number of other characters!
  • Three Playable Magical Girls (planned / coming soon) – Experience the unique movesets and playstyles!
  • Base Building & Socialization (planned / coming soon) – Expand your base and get to know the characters and world of Mahou Arms!
  • Exciting Boss Battles (planned / coming soon) – Fight unique bosses with interesting backstories!
The Early Access version, which will cost 25 percent less than the full release, will feature two main story missions and one side mission, as well as one of three planned playable Magical Girls with a complete moveset.

Dischan Media expects Mahou Arms will remain in Early Access for at least two years.

“We’ve been working on Mahou Arms for around two years now (since 2018) and we expect it will take at least another two years (2022) before we have a game that we’re satisfied with,” the developer said.


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